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We combine the convenience and value of internet shopping with the quality and service of an old fashioned high street retailer. We also have an intimate knowledge of our products based on decades of manufacturing and installation.

Unrivalled expertise

Established in 1981, we have built many thousands of garden buildings with the same management team throughout. Over the years we have also displayed thousands of buildings so we have seen how our buildings perform from close up. We have always been willing to add new designs and develop new styles. In the early eighties we were one of the first companies in the UK to display PVCu conservatories. Our small management team includes six employees with over 20 years service each so whatever your question, we have the answer. We can answer any query about any of our buildings.

Customer satisfaction

Over several decades at our show centres we have gained a real understanding of the needs and concerns of real customers. This is reflected in the service we provide and in the levels of customer satisfaction. When we say hundreds of delighted customers have written to us we don't expect you to take our word for it, we prove it! We show you the actual letters. Click here to see some of our Customer Letters

More choice

We aim to cater for every requirement from small and simple to the most exclusive. On the one hand we sell the finest garden buildings available anywhere. On the other hand we sell a wide range of budget models, often at the cheapest prices in the UK. At every level or price point we select buildings which offer better quality or value or both.

Higher quality standards

We are particular about the quality of our buildings. We have persuaded even the largest manufacturers to change their standard specifications just for the benefit of our customers. Although two buildings may look similar we recommend that you compare the features and specifications carefully to avoid disappointment.

Traditional replacement parts service

Unlike others we are happy to provide a replacement parts service for most of our products. We can even supply parts for discontinued models, although this is subject to availability. We will always supply any part or accessory which a customer may require if we have it, even years after the initial purchase. Please note that we only provide this service for our own customers who purchased directly from Summer Garden Buildings. In addition, please remember that it normally takes at least a few days to locate the part you require before we can pack it and post it to you.

An efficient modern business

In recent years we have embraced modern digital technology. Since our website was first created we process a hundred times more buildings today at a fraction of the cost per customer. This efficiency is reflected in the keenest prices and an effortlessly smooth service.

Large scale warehousing and fast distribution

Our main warehouse has thousands of pallet spaces. In addition, we recently expanded into 3 neighbouring warehouses, one in 2015, another in 2018 and another in 2019. With 50,000 square feet of storage space we can easily cope with seasonal surges in demand. It also means we can buy in bulk at the best prices and we can handle our stock and distribution efficiently. This is reflected in fantastic prices for hundreds of popular buildings and accessories which are always in stock and always available for immediate next day delivery.

Worldwide procurement

We import directly from manufacturers all over the world. Many of our best value buildings are manufactured to our individual specifications. Often we buy full trucks of one item to ensure the very best price. Bulk buying direct from the biggest factories in the world ensures the best possible value for our customers. This in turn ensures our continued growth and success.

Solid foundations for future success

We own 6 freehold industrial units on Rackheath Industrial Estate near Norwich, 4 of which we currently occupy. We have no long leases, no high rents to pay and ample space for future expansion. We will continue to supply quality and value garden buildings for many years to come.

Summer Garden Buildings is a trading name of Summer Garden and Leisure Buildings Limited, a company registered in England and Wales since 27th July 1988. Registration number 02281142. Registered office Bankside 300 Peachman Way, Broadland Business Park, Norwich NR7 0LB (no correspondence to this address). All correspondence to Liberator House, Bidwell Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Rackheath, Norwich, NR13 6PT.

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