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COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION FOR CUSTOMERS - MOST DELIVERIES CONTINUE AS NORMAL: We are currently taking online orders as normal, as encouraged by the government. We can deliver a large selection of stock products with next day delivery. Our Show Centre and offices are temporarily closed. Some office staff are working at home where possible. With fewer staff our phone lines are open 7 days a week from 10am-3pm only. For more information CLICK HERE.
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Setting the first half of your postcode shows you the full choice in your area.

Information about how we use your Postcode

For your convenience this website has been programmed with the choice of buildings available in each postcode district throughout the United Kingdom. If we know the first half of your UK postcode - e.g. NW10 or CV13 - all of the buildings available in your local area will be displayed at the correct price. We do not need to know exactly where you live, just your local area.

The correct buildings and prices are only displayed after we know your local area. After entering the first half of your postcode browsing is quicker and easier because you only see information which is relevant to your location. Ordering is also quicker and easier because the correct prices are calculated for you automatically. Above all you have more choice including many buildings and special offers which are only available regionally. If you tell us your local area we'll make sure you don't miss out!

For non-UK customers we are gradually upgrading this site to cater for you.

For more information about UK Postcodes in general then please see this Wikipedia entry.

How we use Computer 'Cookies' to store your postcode

Cookies are small files that your web browser uses to store information on your computer. We respect your privacy so this web site only uses cookies to identify just three things:

  1. Either the first part of your postcode (UK customers only) or your post/zip code location (all other countries) so that we can customise the information specific to your location.
  2. To link you to your personal shopping basket while you are buying.

Additionally, when entering your postcode, you have the choice as to whether or not the single cookie used in 1 and 2 above is 'remembered' after you close down your web browser (for your safety and security the one used for item 2 is never remembered).

Click here for some more information about cookies.

Cookie settings for various web browsers

  • Internet Explorer 9 or later - Click the cog wheel icon near the top right and select Internet Options and then the Privacy tab. Change the vertical slider setting to Medium or Medium High and then click the OK button.
  • Mozilla FireFox - Go to Options and click on the Privacy tab. Make sure that the Accept cookies from sites checkbox is ticked.
  • Google Chrome - Click the icon with 3 horizontal bars (sometimes referred to as the hamburger icon) near the top right and select Settings. Click Show advanced settings if available and click the Content Settings button under Privacy. Select the recommended Allow data to be set option.
  • Opera - Go to Settings and scroll down to the Cookies section. Select either Allow local data to be set or Keep local data only until I quit my browser.
  • Safari (Mac) - Go to Safari >> Preferences >> Privacy and, in the Cookies and website data section, make sure that either the Allow from current website only or Allow from websites I visit option is selected.
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) - Go to the Settings, scroll down and click the View advanced settings option. Scroll down again and select either Don't block cookies or Block only third-party cookies.
We are currently taking online orders as normal, as encouraged by the government.