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Remote control door opening

Remote control unit, fully fitted with 2 handsets

Remote control door opening

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£740.00 each

The price includes supply and installation to your power supply within 1 meter of the control unit. If no electrical supply is available we will fully programme the unit using extension leads. Two hand transmitters are included. A reliable automatic cut-out stops the door immediately if an obstruction is encountered. The patented toothed drive belt is non metallic and maintenance-free. An internal emergency release is included. A "soft start" and "soft stop" saves wear and tear on both the door and operator. The door automatically latches on closing, making it impossible to lever it open. Automatic door latching affords effective protection against forced opening. This unique automatic latching system is a mechanical device, so it remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure. For greater security the unit features a rolling programme which cannot be scanned from outside. Extra hand transmitters are available if more than two users are likely. The optional de-latch feature provides a secondary back up system and additional security.

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