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Reflex High Performance Glass

Reflex Glass

Reflex High Performance Glass


* 75% of solar heat reflected
* 50% more insulation
* 44% glare reduction
* UV transmission reduced to 5%
* Easy clean external surface

REFLEX is the next generation of conservatory roof glass designed specifically for the British weather.

REFLEX tackles the twin problems of overheating in summer and keeping warm in winter. Specify REFLEX to give yourself a conservatory which is more comfortable throughout the year.

This "smart glass" uses an invisible metallic coating which keeps out 75% of solar heat in the summer whilst providing 50% more insulation in the winter. A special coating is applied to the inside of the external pane of glass so it faces out towards the sun. The same technology is used to coat the surfaces of LCD and plasma televisions to reduce reflectance. The subtle blue tint reduces glare by up 44%. Harmful UV transmission is also reduced to approximately 5% eliminating damage to furniture and fabrics.

During the summer a south facing conservatory can reach temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius which makes the conservatory unbearable. With REFLEX the temperature inside the conservatory is reduced by 10 - 15 degrees.

REFLEX has a heat loss co-efficient or "U" value of just 1.4 W/m2K. This provides big savings on both winter heating and summer air conditioning when compared with standard double glazing units which have a "U" value of 2.8 W/m2K.

Finally, an "easy clean" external surface treatment promotes dirt run off with rain, reducing the need for cleaning and keeping the glass looking fresh. Developed for marine applications this coating is ideal for conservatory roofs where access for cleaning is difficult. The hydrophobic polymer coating surface repels water taking dirt particles with it. This advanced non stick coating is permanently bonded to the glass and providing abrasive cleaners are not used the surface protection will last for the lifetime of the glass.

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