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Floor plans

Corner summerhouse floor plans

Floor plans

6' x 6' corner summerhouse
Dimension A = 1788mm
Dimension B = 1788mm
Dimension C = 812mm
Dimension D = 812mm
Dimension E = 1371mm

7' x 7' corner summerhouse
Dimension A = 2057mm
Dimension B = 2057mm
Dimension C = 1092mm
Dimension D = 1092mm
Dimension E = 1371mm

8' x 8' corner summerhouse
Dimension A = 2362mm
Dimension B = 2362mm
Dimension C = 1423mm
Dimension D = 1423mm
Dimension E = 1371mm

9' x 9' corner summerhouse
Dimension A = 2667mm
Dimension B = 2667mm
Dimension C = 1701mm
Dimension D = 1701mm
Dimension E = 1371mm

10' x 10' corner summerhouse
Dimension A = 2970mm
Dimension B = 2970mm
Dimension C = 1979mm
Dimension D = 1979mm
Dimension E = 1371mm

We recommend that your base should be no smaller than the floor size of the new summerhouse and no more than a few inches larger.

We are currently open and taking online orders as normal, as encouraged by the government.