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Rapid stting concrete

Rapid setting pre-mixed concrete, 20kg bag

Rapid stting concrete

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£7.00 each

No mixing required, just add water. Sets in 10 minutes. Designed for fixing wooden or concrete fence posts quickly and easily. First excavate the post hole then fill it about one third full of water, then just pour the concrete mixture into the hole. Before pouring the post should be approximately in position. After pouring the position of the post can be adjusted as required before the concrete dries.

The concrete mixture includes sand, cement and additives. Supplied in tough weatherproof plastic bags, each bag contains a manageable 20 kilogrammes. A typical post hole requires 1.5 bags, based on a square hole 10"x10" (250x250mm) in area and 2' deep (600mm). This pre-mixed concrete has been formulated for domestic fence posts. It is not suitable for general concreting, screeding, mortar, render or if an engineer-specified strength is required. The minimum working temperature is 3 degrees centigrade.

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