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Window boxes

Window boxes, each

Window boxes

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£39.00 each

The price is for 1 window box.

Window boxes overflowing with flowers are the perfect way to set off your log cabin or summerhouse and integrate it into your garden. These charming window boxes are constructed with genuine cabin wall logs. A strong timber base is also included. They look great fitted to any log cabin regardless of the log thickness or the window size. These rigid heavy duty window boxes can also be used as freestanding planters and simply placed on the ground around your log cabin. The picture shows a window box fitted below an inward opening window. If your windows open outward fix your window boxes a few inches lower to allow for the plants. If your log cabin features low level glazing you can stand these window boxes directly on the ground below the windows.

The overall external size is 3'7" long (1090mm), 1'1" wide (320mm) and 6" high (155mm). The internal size is 2'10" long (854mm), 8" wide (202mm) and 5" high (136mm). The attractive design features 28mm thick wall logs. These window boxes are supplied fully assembled.

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