Wooden Sandpit 312 - Pressure Treated, Boarded Lid

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Wooden Sandpit 312 - Pressure Treated, Boarded Lid
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Pictures show the standard sandpit.


This heavy duty wooden sandpit is 3'11"x3'11" (1200x1200mm). Quality features include strong interlocking logs and a flat top board for extra rigidity which also doubles as useful seating. A boarded lid is also included which helps to keep the sand clean and reduces water ingress. The timber is pressure treated, a lifetime preservative treatment. Instructions supplied for DIY self assembly.

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  • Pressure treated deal throughout (lifetime preservative treatment)
  • Scandinavian redwood or whitewood
  • Timber sizes are nominal i.e. before machining, unless described as finished size
  • Overall external height: 9" (235mm)
  • Overall external width: 3'11" (1200mm)
  • Overall external depth: 3'11" (1200mm)
  • Approximate capacity: 233 Litres
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