Paddling Pool 535

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Paddling Pool 535


This paddling swimming pool is perfect for having fun at home and keeping cool all summer long. The inflatable rectangular paddling pool is made from blue and white PVC material and has a drainage hole at the bottom for quick and simple emptying. The ability to inflate, drain and store, makes it an excellent portable pool which you can take anywhere you want.

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  • Pool dimensions inflated 1530mm wide x 1900mm diameter x 390mm high
  • Made from blue and white coloured PVC material
  • Drainage hole at the bottom for quick and easily emptying
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Perfect for kids and families
  • Only to be used under adult supervision
  • Carton width 11” (300mm)
  • Carton height 11” (300mm)
  • Carton depth 4” (100mm)
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