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Log Camping Pod 981 - Double Doors, Rear Window

Log Camping Pod 981 - Double Doors, Rear Window
Pictures 1, 2 and 3 show the standard 8'x13' camping pod. Picture 4 shows the standard 8'x16' camping pod.


These high specification wooden camping pods are approximately 8'x13' or 8'x16' (2.3x4.0m or 2.3x4.8m) with a choice of 28mm or 42mm thick interlocking logs. Other quality features include double glazing, felt tiles and a timber floor. A verandah, double doors and an opening rear window are also included. Thermally modified timber wall logs are available as an option. Thermally modified timber is a lifetime preservative treatment. Floor insulation is also available as an option. In the garden these versatile log camping pods are a popular choice as an office, a playhouse or an extra bedroom. In the campsite these luxury camping pods provide the ultimate glamping experience and accommodation for up to 7 guests. Instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly. We offer fitting as a low cost option in many areas.

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  • All timber used in the construction of these camping pods originates from sustainable forests
  • Double glazed doors and window
  • Morticed and tenoned joinery doors and window
  • Double hinged doors approximately 3'7" wide x 5'3" high (1.1m x 1.6m)
  • Mortice lock with handles and keys
  • 1 rear opening window approximately 2'6" wide x 1'10" high (0.77m x 0.57m)
  • Mineral felt roof tiles
  • Strong 28mm thick tongued and grooved floor boards
  • Substantial ex 2"x6" floor joists (approximately 150x50mm)
  • 19mm thick verandah decking floor boards
  • External height 7'3" (2.22m)
  • External width 7'8" (2.34m)
  • External length 13'1" or 15'9" (4.0m or 4.8m)
  • Internal width 7'6" (2.28m)
  • Internal length 9'2" or 11'9" (2.79m or 3.59m)
  • Verandah depth 3'3" (1.0m)
  • Up to 4 adults can sleep in comfort in the 13'1" (4.0m) long camping pod and up to 6 including 1 or 2 children
  • Up to 5 adults can sleep in comfort in the 15'9" (4.8m) long camping pod and up to 7 including 1 or 2 children

GLAMPING: In recent years "glamping" or "glamour camping" has become increasingly popular. It is easy to see why. Instead of pitching a tent and struggling with ropes and tent pegs, visitors to a camp site can step into a camping pod with no set up required. Camping pods are also more comfortable, quieter and you can even enjoy a lie in. The substantial timber construction provides much better insulation than a tent. Our camping pods stay cooler in hot weather, warmer in cold weather and darker in bright sunlight.

CAMPING IN THE GARDEN: The modern trend for glamping has spread into the garden. Increasingly camping pods provide a stylish and comfortable extra bedroom in the garden. When not in use as a spare bedroom, these versatile buildings can also be a great playroom which the kids will love or a useful storage area for garden furniture and outside toys. Camping pods are also very popular as a garden office. The compact size and shape makes our camping pods much easier to heat than other buildings. Our camping pods have a lower profile than most other garden buildings so they are unobtrusive and less visible from within your property and neighbouring properties.

PLANNING PERMISSION: Our camping pods are less than 2.5m high so planning permission is not normally required in the back garden of a domestic dwelling. Permission may be required if you live in a conservation area or a listed building. At a camp site a camping pod may be classified as a caravan if it has a wheeled base, which is available as an option.

DECORATIVE FELT TILES: Mineral coated bitumen felt tiles are an attractive and durable roofing material which is far more hardwearing than standard roofing felt. Traditionally used for small buildings only in the UK, felt tiles are used much more in Scandinavia and North America where they are used widely in general housebuilding. The sophisticated design features a strip of almost dry bitumen adhesive. Over time each tile sticks to the tile below for improved waterproofing and windproofing. All fixings are covered by the next row of felt tiles, partly to ensure a neat appearance with concealed fixings but mainly to protect the fixing holes from any possible moisture. Mineral felt tiles are made using asphalt with a bitumen binder and an external covering of durable and attractive natural stone chips. Mineral felt tiles are often described as felt shingles because the design resembles traditional cedar shingles.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: The overall sizes including the verandah are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the length. The width refers to the walls at the front and rear including the main door wall. The length refers to the side walls. The sizes listed are the external wall sizes.

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