Growhouse 383 - Polycarbonate, Green Finish

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Growhouse 383 - Polycarbonate, Green Finish
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The pictures shows a green finish growhouse.


This aluminium growhouse is 2'7"x1'8" (800mm x 500mm) with an overall height of 4'9" (1450mm). Standard features include two slatted shelves to provide extra growing space or storage. Other features include aluminium frames in a powder coated green finish. Double hinged doors are provided for easy access. The glazing is twinwall polycarbonate, which is far stronger than the polythene covers supplied with other mini greenhouses. It is virtually unbreakable, provides good insulation from frost and diffuses light to prevent scorching. This aluminium mini greenhouse is an ideal space saving solution for small gardens. A sheltered site against a wall is an ideal position, with good light but preferably not exposed to prolonged fierce sunlight.

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  • Twin wall polycarbonate glazing
  • Strong aluminium greenhouse frame
  • Powder coated green finish
  • Clip free glazing system which holds the polycarbonate glazing in position more securely
  • Double hinged front doors
  • 2 slatted shelves
  • Width 2'7" (800mm)
  • Depth 1'8" (500mm)
  • Eaves height 4'0" (1230mm)
  • Ridge height 4'9" (1450mm)

TWIN WALL POLYCARBONATE: Twin wall polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and very practical. With small children or pets around polycarbonate greenhouses are safer. Polycarbonate is also safer to handle during installation. Polycarbonate greenhouses provide a similar growing environment to glass greenhouses with better insulation properties and reduced glare. Polycarbonate also provides good insulation from frost and maintains a more even temperature for better plant growth. Twin wall polycarbonate also diffuses light to prevent scorching. Twin wall polycarbonate glazing is stronger than the flimsy single skin polycarbonate sheeting supplied with some greenhouses.

POWDER COATED ALUMINIUM: The powder coated finish is more attractive than the stark silver finish aluminium greenhouses. The tough finish also has excellent weathering properties and retains its gloss and colour superbly. A good example of powder coating is the finish on your washing machine. Powder coated aluminium greenhouses have a similar finish.

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