Aluminium Greenhouse 024 - Silver, Box Profile, Clip Free, Easy-Fit

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Aluminium Greenhouse 024 - Silver, Box Profile, Clip Free,  Easy-Fit
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Pictures 1 and 2 show the standard 6'x6' greenhouse. Pictures 3, 4 and 5 show close up views. Picture 6 shows a close up view of the base anchor kit.


These sophisticated greenhouses are 6'x4', 6'x6' or 6'x8'. Features include unique push-fit corner connectors which make assembly quicker and easier. Another quality feature is the box section aluminium framing throughout. The unique clip free glazing system retains the polycarbonate panels continuously in metal grooves along all sides, with no clips. The frame is silver finish aluminium and the glazing is 5mm thick twin wall polycarbonate. The price includes a free roof vent and a hinged door with handle. A base plinth is also included, which makes installation easier. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly. This greenhouse and all accessories are always in stock, so whatever you order we can deliver within a matter of days.

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  • 5mm thick twin wall polycarbonate glazing
  • Silver finish aluminium framing
  • Hollow box section aluminium framing throughout provides greater strength and rigidity
  • Box section glazing bars, corner posts and ridge beam
  • 2 part eaves beams feature a box section structural beam on the inside with a separate integral gutter profile fitted on the outside
  • Box section base plinth
  • Clip free glazing system which holds the polycarbonate glazing in position more securely
  • Continuous metal grooves in all of the aluminium framing profiles hold the glazing more securely on all four sides - the glazing bars, corner posts, eaves beams and ridge beam all feature metal grooves to retain the glazing more securely all round
  • Unique push-fit corner connectors ensure stronger joints and make installation quicker and easier
  • 4 push-fit 3 way strong polypropylene cill connectors, one in each corner
  • 4 push-fit 3 way strong polypropylene eaves connectors, one in each corner
  • 2 push-fit 3 way strong polypropylene ridge connectors, one in the front gable and one in the rear gable
  • 4 L-shaped 2 way strong polypropylene door frame connectors ensure a stronger door
  • The tallest glazing panels are divided in two for added strength with rigid aluminium glazing bars at the joints
  • All greenhouses include 1 opening roof vent
  • Opening roof vent includes manual opener with casement stay and pins - unlike others the vent can be fixed in a closed position
  • Single outward opening hinged door in the 6' wide front wall
  • Door handle with sliding latch included - unlike others, the door can be fixed in the closed position
  • Eaves height including base plinth approximately 4'10" (1485mm)
  • Ridge height including base plinth approximately 6'9" (2050mm)
  • 6'x4' greenhouse including base plinth overall weight approximately 28kg
  • 6'x6' greenhouse including base plinth overall weight approximately 34kg
  • 6'x8' greenhouse including base plinth overall weight approximately 39kg

THIS EASY ASSEMBLY GREENHOUSE: These great value polycarbonate greenhouses feature unique push-fit corner connectors and box section aluminium framing throughout. The result is a stronger and more rigid frame which is much quicker and easier to assemble. Clip free glazing within the strong frame ensures that the glazing panels are held in better. From a technical viewpoint this greenhouse features more sophisticated engineering than others at similar prices. The glazing is durable twinwall polycarbonate. This greenhouse is always in stock and the price includes fast delivery. The precise manufacturing and careful packing is a match for our most expensive greenhouses. This easy assembly greenhouse is a popular choice with first time buyers. With the ultra safe polycarbonate glazing it is also a popular choice for the elderly and families with children or pets.

PUSH-FIT CORNER CONNECTORS: This sophisticated greenhouse features unique push fit aluminium corner connectors which simply slide into place. This makes installation much quicker and easier. The corner joints are also stronger. The cills, corner posts, eaves beams and ridge beam are all connected to each other quickly and easily with push fit connectors. With stronger corners the main structure is more rigid which makes it easier to fit the intermediate glazing bars and braces with conventional bolts. The result is a stronger frame which is fitted in much less time.

BOX SECTION ALUMINIUM THROUGHOUT: This substantial greenhouse features hollow box section aluminium framing throughout. It is not just the ridge and eaves beams which are box section but also the base plinth, cills, glazing bars and the corner posts. Even the door features box section framing throughout. Box section aluminium profiles feature a hollow chamber which ensures extra strength and rigidity. Most greenhouses feature T-shaped or H-shaped glazing bar profiles which are not as strong. Only expensive greenhouses normally feature any box section framing at all but this greenhouse features box section framing throughout at a sensational price.

CLIP FREE GLAZING SYSTEM: The unique glazing system ensures that the polycarbonate panels are held in place within continuous metal grooves along all four edges. With most greenhouses the glazing is retained along the vertical edges only with the top and bottom edges receiving little or no attention. This framing features an integral full length metal groove into which the edges of the glazing panels slide on all 4 sides. The metal grooves in the glazing bars and corner posts retain the vertical edges of each glazing panel. Similar grooves in the cills, gutters and ridge ensure that the horizontal edges are held in equally well. As a result, when the frame is fully assembled the glazing panels are more securely fixed and do not come out so easily. Unlike other glazing systems, no fixings, clips or capping strips are required. This gives a much more flush, clean looking finish.

STRONGER GABLE WALL GLAZING: The tallest glazing panels in the rear wall and to each side of the doors are divided in two for added strength. One piece panels are more likely to flex and spring out in winds. Strong aluminium glazing bars at the horizontal joints provide additional rigidity, unlike the plastic jointing profiles used by some others. The grooves in the horizontal glazing bars ensure that the glazing is retained more securely.

TWIN WALL POLYCARBONATE: Twin wall polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and very practical. With small children or pets around polycarbonate greenhouses are safer. Polycarbonate is also safer to handle during installation. Polycarbonate greenhouses provide a similar growing environment to glass greenhouses with better insulation properties and reduced glare. Polycarbonate also provides good insulation from frost and maintains a more even temperature for better plant growth. Twin wall polycarbonate also diffuses light to prevent scorching. Twin wall polycarbonate glazing is stronger than the flimsy single skin polycarbonate sheeting supplied with some greenhouses.

SILVER FINISH ALUMINIUM: Silver finish is the natural colour of aluminium before it is painted. It is cheaper than painted aluminum but just as strong and durable. An unpainted aluminium greenhouse will gradually oxidise producing fine grey powder forms on the surface of the greenhouse. This is the aluminium's natural self protection and it does not harm the greenhouse. Oxidisation occurs quicker in areas of high pollution or in coastal areas.

GREENHOUSE LOCATION: Ideally your greenhouse should have a clear space at least 18" wide on all sides, if possible. This ensures easy access for both installation and future maintenance. In reality this is often not practical and at many sites it is not needed. A reduced clearance is often possible on one or two sides. You should cut back or remove any nearby shrubs and trees. Remember to allow for future growth. Ideally the ridge of a greenhouse should run from east to west. The best position for a freestanding greenhouse is a sunny spot outside the shadow of nearby buildings and trees. A sheltered position is best otherwise additional screening may be advisable. Polycarbonate glazing is not recommended at exposed sites. Plants need plenty of water so your greenhouse should be close to a water supply and the site should be well drained.

SIZES - LENGTH AND WIDTH: Sizes are sometimes rounded to the nearest nominal size for ease of reading but the correct external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the length. The width refers to the angled gable walls at the front and rear including the door wall. The length refers to the side walls. All sizes are approximate.

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