Metal Gazebo 112 - Lean To Style

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Metal Gazebo 112 - Lean To Style
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The first picture shows the standard gazebo. The second picture shows the gazebo with a lighter colour canopy which is no longer available. Picture 3 shows a close up view of the support post with base plate.


This metal gazebo is approximately 8'x10' (2.5x3.0m) and features a resin coated tubular steel frame with four support posts and base plates. A showerproof roof canopy is also included. This lean to style gazebo is often placed next to a wall although this is not essential. The base plates include pre-drilled holes for fixing down into a patio or lawn. The roof canopy is easily removed. Detailed instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.

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  • Resin coated tubular steel frame
  • 4 support posts 45mm x 45mm steel box section
  • 4 welded steel base plates
  • Lattice panels feature a decorative scrolled pattern
  • Showerproof roof canopy features treated polyester
  • Fabric weighs 180 grammes per square metre
  • Roof canopy is easily removed
  • 2 spanners are included to ensure that 2 people can complete the assembly quicker
  • All components required for assembly are supplied cut to length and pre-drilled
  • The decorative lattice panels are supplied prefabricated in one piece to ensure easier installation
  • Predrilled steel base plates ensure easy fixing into any surface including concrete, slabs, decking or lawn
  • Ground anchor pegs are included for use when the gazebo is sited on a lawn
  • Quick and easy installation with just 44 bolts required to complete the assembly
  • Maximum ridge height at the rear 8'6" (2.6m)
  • Maximum eaves height at the front 6'7" (2.0m)
  • Projection from wall approximately 8'2" (2500mm)
  • Length approximately 9'10" (3000mm)

RESIN COATED STEEL: Tubular steel is cut to size and drilled or welded as required to form a lightweight and strong frame. The steel is resin coated, a tough paint finish which has excellent weathering properties.

REMOVABLE SHOWERPROOF CANOPY: This gazebo features a removable canopy with quick release straps which make it easier to remove. At the end of the summer season the canopy should be removed for winter storage. The canopy should also be removed in windy weather. These simple measures will prolong the life of the canopy and protect your investment. The canopy is primarily a sunshade but it is also showerproof. It provides protection from light rain for a short period but some water ingress may occur during a prolonged downpour.

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