Party Tent 170 - Showerproof Polyester, Steel Framing

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Party Tent 170 - Showerproof Polyester, Steel Framing
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Pictures 1 and 2 show one doorway open, one doorway closed and all six side screens in use. Picture 3 shows both doors open. Picture 4 show the side profile. Picture 5 shows a closeup of the eaves connectors and elastic ties.


This spacious party tent is approximately 10'x20' (3.0x6.0m) and provides shade and shelter at any outdoor function. Up to eighteen people can dine in comfort inside and several dozen can stand inside. Strong tubular steel framing is included with rigid pre-formed joints for easier installation. Guy ropes, base plates and ground pegs are also included. Features include two roll up doors, one at each end. Six side screens with Georgian style windows are also included, three to each side. The doors and side screens can be used or not used as required to customize your layout and provide the best balance of privacy, ventilation and access to suit your needs. The roof canopy and side screens are showerproof polyester which is more durable and attractive than cheaper alternatives such as polythene or PE.

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  • Powder coated tubular steel frame
  • 34mm diameter tubular steel framing
  • Welded steel frame connectors
  • Fast push fit frame assembly with no bolts - the framing just clicks into the frame connectors
  • 6 side screens with Georgian style windows
  • 2 large roll up doorways, almost full width, one in each gable end
  • Canopies and side screens are polyester, which is much stronger than the PE fabrics used in other budget priced party tents (PE is also known as polyethylene or polythene)
  • Showerproof roof canopy features 180 grammes per square metre treated polyester
  • Side screens feature 140 grammes per square metre polyester
  • Removable canopy and side screens
  • 12 welded steel frame connectors overall
  • 6 corner connectors - 3 way joints, front and back, 2 at the ridge, 2 each side
  • 6 intermediate connectors - 4 way joints, 2 along the ridge, 2 along each side
  • 8 guy ropes are included for anchoring down, 4 on each side
  • 8 base plates are included with pre-drilled holes
  • 24 ground anchor pegs are included
  • Easy to assemble or dismantle
  • Side screens on both sides provides greater privacy and protection from insects
  • Individual side screens can be omitted to create an extra entrance and customize the layout
  • All of the side screens can be removed from one or both sides to provide extra ventilation on a hot day while continuing to provide shade
  • Exact window sizes and decorative details may vary from one batch to another
  • Up to 50 people can squeeze into this party tent for a short period (allowing 2'x2' / 600x600mm per person)
  • Up to 32 people can stand in this party tent for a longer period (allowing 2'6"x2'6" / 750x750mm per person)
  • Up to 18 people can dine in this party tent (allowing for 3 tables 5'x3' / 1500x900mm with 6 chairs per table)
  • Overall weight approximately 38 kilogrammes
  • Width approximately 9'10" (3000mm)
  • Length approximately 19'8" (6000mm)
  • Side screens approximately 6'7" wide (2.0m)
  • Eaves height approximately 6'7" (2.0m)
  • Ridge height approximately 8'6" (2.6m)
  • Allow at least 24" (600mm) clearance around all sides

RESIN COATED STEEL: Tubular steel is cut to size and drilled or welded as required to form a lightweight and strong frame. The steel is resin coated, a tough paint finish which has excellent weathering properties.

RE-USABLE PARTY TENT WITH REMOVABLE CANOPY AND CURTAINS: This party tent is designed to be used repeatedly with care for short periods and not for prolonged use. The canopy and side screens can be easily removed. After each event the party tent should be dismantled and stowed away. The canopy and side screens should be removed in windy weather. Because a party tent is larger than other domestic gazebos it is more susceptible to wind. These simple measures will prolong the life of your party tent and protect your investment. The fabrics are primarily a sunshade but also showerproof. The party tent provides protection from light rain for a short period but some water ingress may occur during a prolonged downpour.

FABRICS: Use mild soapy water and a soft sponge to clean the fabrics. Abrasive cloths or cleaning fluids may damage the surfaces. The canopy and curtains are produced separately using fabrics of different thickness and weight with different surface coatings and some variation in colour and texture may be apparent.

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