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Metal Wheelie Bin Store 181 - Galvanized Steel Triple Bin Cover

Metal Wheelie Bin Store 181 - Galvanized Steel Triple Bin Cover
The pictures show the standard bin store. The bins are not included.


This metal triple bin store is designed to neatly cover up to three wheelie bins but can also be used for storing garden furniture, equipment and all kinds of garden tools. The overall size is 3'4"x7'9" (1010mm x 2370mm). The practical design features a top hinged lid with gas strut supports for easy opening. Double hinged front doors with lockable handles are also included. All framing and cladding is hot dip galvanized steel with an attractive grey coloured external finish. The cladding and doors are also resin coated on both sides. The side walls feature ventilated gables. With it's low profile design it is ideal for the side of the house. Options include a timber or plastic base. All fixings and instructions are supplied for DIY self assembly.


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  • Hot dip galvanized steel framing
  • Hot dip galvanized steel cladding panels with a tough epoxy resin coating inside and out
  • Attractive grey colour to external cladding
  • Contrasting colour to door and lid frame trims
  • Pale colour to all internal cladding
  • Sliding padbolt to suit most padlocks (padlock not supplied)
  • Heavy duty door frame with vertical, horizontal and diagonal framing
  • Cladding sheets are corrugated and ribbed for extra strength
  • Corner cladding sheets are folded ninety degrees and overlapped to provide a strong and waterproof corner joint
  • Ventilation panels
  • Large hinged top lid with gas struts and hanging chains included
  • Large double hinged doors in the front wall approximately 5'8" wide (1720mm)
  • Door height approximately 4'2" (1280mm)
  • Door threshold
  • Foundation rails
  • Corner brackets
  • Overall height at the front approximately 4'4" (1310mm)
  • Overall height at the rear approximately 3'8" (1120mm)
  • External roof size approximately 3'4" deep x 7'9" wide (1010mm x 2370mm)
  • External cladding size approximately 3'2" deep x 7'8" wide (970mm x 2350mm)
  • Overall weight 43kg

GALVANIZED STEEL CLADDING: These great value buildings are made with galvanized steel throughout. All framing and cladding is hot dip galvanized steel. This is a process by which steel is coated with zinc to protect it from corrosion. The cladding is subsequently coated with epoxy resin, partly to protect the zinc coating itself and partly to add colour. The factory finish is described as primer although a top coat is not normally needed. The combination of a zinc coating with epoxy resin provides durable protection even if the surface is scratched.

STRONG FRAMING: In common with all other steel buildings, including even the largest sports stadia, retail superstores and warehouses, steel cladding sheets are surprisingly thin. The strength of steel buildings is provided by the frame, although the corrugations of the cladding sheets do provide a degree of extra strength. These metal sheds feature strong galvanized steel framing members and the completed frame is rigid.

FREE CORNER BRACKETS: Corner brackets are recommended for any metal building which is subject to frequent use or sited in an exposed area. The corner brackets strengthen the corners and also make it easier to fix your building down into a solid base. The kit includes 4 galvanized steel corner brackets. Screws are included to fix the brackets into the foundation rails. Screws and nylon plugs are also supplied for fixing into bricks, concrete or paving slabs.

HEAVY PACKS: As a rough and ready rule, the heavier a metal building is the stronger it is. Our buildings are heavier than most similar metal buildings which is why we publish the weight. The packs are very heavy but surprisingly compact, especially the cladding sheets which are packed tightly together.

SIZES - DEPTH AND WIDTH: The sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the depth and the second dimension is the width. The depth refers to the sloping wall. The sizes listed alongside the prices are the external roof sizes. The external wall sizes may be smaller.

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