Vintage Tree Seat 634 - Wrought Iron, Antique Finish, All Round

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Vintage Tree Seat 634 - Wrought Iron, Antique Finish, All Round
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The first two pictures show the standard tree seat. The final picture shows a close up view of a similar product with the same finish. Picture 4 shows the circular tree seat alongside HRH King Charles III at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


This attractive vintage style wrought iron tree seat is 4'4" (1320mm) in diameter and designed to be built round a tree. It is a dramatic garden feature but also a strong and comfortable seat in the shade. The seat features circular slats all round. The elaborate circular back features an attractive scroll pattern. The rustic antique finish provides an authentic distressed look and a tough paint finish suitable for outside use. Although the style is antique this stylish tree seat is equally at home in a new build or a country garden. The tree is supplied in prefabricated pieces which simplifies the assembly.

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  • Traditional wrought iron design
  • Strong slatted seat with circular slats
  • Elegant circular back with attractive scroll pattern
  • Electrocoated anti-corrosion treatment
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Rustic antique finish
  • Authentic distressed look
  • 8 legs included
  • Prefabricated pieces for simple assembly
  • Ornate circular seat supplied in 2 halves
  • Ornate circular back supplied in 2 halves
  • Factory fitted nuts and bolts
  • Overall diameter 4'4" (1320mm)
  • Height 2'10" (860mm)
  • Seat height 1'6" (450mm)
  • Maximum tree diameter approximately 1'5" (440mm)

WROUGHT IRON DESIGN: The attractive decorative style of ornamental wrought iron conceals its strength. The ornate and elaborate scrolls are joined together in a complex lattice pattern which provides great strength and rigidity while at the same time providing a pleasing appearance. Long before modern engineering this traditional process achieved impressive strength to weight ratios. As a result many wrought iron artifacts have survived for centuries. This vintage style furniture is surprisingly strong considering the weight. Traditional wrought ironwork by a blacksmith is rare nowadays but many of the principles have survived in this wrought iron design.

ELECTROCOATED ANTI-CORROSION TREATMENT: Electrocoating is a high quality anti-corrosion treatment process, also known as E-coating or electrophoretic deposition. It is a process similar to powder coating and very similar to electroplating. Unlike powder coating, which is a dry process, electrocoating involves immersion in electrically charged fluid to ensure more even coverage in those inaccessible nooks and crannies. This makes it especially suitable for the ornate wrought ironwork which is a feature of this furniture. The tough and durable finish has excellent weathering properties. The electrocoating is an undercoat which protects against corrosion.

POWDER COATED FINISH: The powder coated finish is an attractive and durable top coat. The dry paint powder is baked on. The tough finish also has excellent weathering properties and retains its gloss and colour superbly. A good example of powder coating is the finish on your washing machine. Powder coated furniture has a similar finish.

ANTIQUE DISTRESSED FINISH: This attractive and elegant vintage style garden furniture includes an authentic distressed look which is often described as rustic, antique finish or shabby chic. This popular style is very much in vogue. The antique distressed finish is more difficult to create than a brand new gloss finish. The surface of the paint is altered to provide an aged appearance which compliments the traditional wrought iron design. The process to create the distressed finish includes brushing with an antique bronze colour. An inevitable feature of the antique finish is minor imperfections including scratches and marks, occasional bare spots and a smattering of bronze coloured streaks and specks which are a similar colour to rust. None of these features are defects and all add to the charm of this popular furniture. The antique distressed finish does not affect the durability.

SAFETY: This product should be placed on a flat, level and hard base. Concrete and paving are ideal, lawns are too soft. Children should not be allowed to climb on this product or to play around it without adult supervision. Jumping on this product is not recommended. Adults should sit down without excessive force. During the winter months and periods of adverse weather we recommend covering this product or storing it under cover.

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