Swing Seat 398 - Showerproof Canopy, Padded Seat

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Swing Seat 398 - Showerproof Canopy, Padded Seat
The pictures shows the standard hammock swing seat.


This terrific value swinging bench seat features a black powder coated tubular steel frame and a padded swing seat. The roof canopy is showerproof polyester. The fabrics are black. Strong springs and hooks connect the swinging seat to the frame. The overall size is 5'7" wide x 3'7" deep (1700x1100mm). Instructions and fixings are included.

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  • Swing seat with removable canopy
  • Black powder coated tubular steel framing
  • 50mm thick seat cushions
  • Showerproof black polyester cushions
  • Showerproof black polyester canopy
  • Adjustable canopy with variable tilt
  • Heavy duty coiled suspension springs with S shaped hooks
  • Seat width approximately 4'3" (1300mm)
  • Overall width approximately 5'7" (1700mm)
  • Overall depth approximately 3'7" (1100mm)
  • Overall height approximately 4'11" (1500mm)
  • Allow at least 24" (600mm) clearance in front and behind

POWDER COATED STEEL: Tubular steel is cut to size and bent or welded as required to form a lightweight and strong frame. The steel is bent using jigs for greater precision. The steel frames are powder coated, a tough paint finish with good weathering properties. The dry electrostatic powder coating process ensures even coverage. The paint powder is electrically charged so it adheres to the steel frames. This process ensures a uniform coating which is baked onto the steel in an oven. A good example of powder coated steel is the finish on your washing machine and other domestic appliances. Powder coated steel furniture has a similar finish.

SHOWERPROOF CANOPY: This swing seat features a removable canopy which can be easily removed. At the end of the summer season the canopy should be removed for winter storage. The canopy should also be removed in windy weather. These simple measures will prolong the life of the canopy and protect your investment. The canopy is primarily a sunshade but it is also showerproof. It provides protection from light rain for a short period but some water ingress may occur during a prolonged downpour.

FABRICS: Use mild soapy water and a soft sponge to clean the fabrics. Abrasive cloths or cleaning fluids may damage the surfaces.

SAFETY: This product should be placed on a flat, level and hard base. Concrete and paving are ideal, lawns are too soft. Children should not be allowed to climb on this product or to play around it without adult supervision. Jumping on this product is not recommended. Adults should sit down without excessive force. During the winter months and periods of adverse weather we recommend covering this product or storing it under cover with the canopy removed.

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