6 Seater Hardwood Set 123 - Reclining Chairs, Rectangular Table

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6 Seater Hardwood Set 123 - Reclining Chairs, Rectangular Table
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Pictures 1 and 2 show the standard set. Pictures 3, 4, 5 and 6 show close up views of one of the chairs and the table.


This terrific value hardwood garden furniture features a rectangular table and six multi position reclining armchairs. The table features a slatted top set in a hardwood frame. The multi position recliners feature neatly slatted seats and backs with morticed and tenoned joints. The dense close grained hardwood is both attractive and durable. The chairs are easily folded and require little storage space. If required, the table can also be folded by removing just 2 bolts and wingnuts for easy and compact winter storage. This set is especially easy to assemble because the chairs and the table top are supplied fully assembled.

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  • Solid hardwood throughout
  • Hardwood table with rectangular slatted top
  • 6 folding hardwood multi position reclining armchairs with slatted seats and backs
  • Preservative treated
  • Table width 4'5" (1350mm)
  • Table depth 2'5" (750mm)
  • Table height 2'4" (725mm)
  • Table top features hardwood slats 67mm x 20mm (finished size after machining)
  • Table legs attach with wingnuts which if required can be easily removed for compact winter storage
  • Chair width 2'0" (620mm)
  • Chair depth 2'3" (685mm)
  • Chair height 3'7" (1090mm)
  • Chairs supplied fully assembled

EASY TO ASSEMBLE: This set requires hardly any assembly. The chairs and the table top are supplied fully assembled. The table legs are quickly and easily fitted with instructions supplied.

HARDWOOD: Hardwood garden furniture is both attractive and durable. This dense, close-grained hardwood is almost knot free with a straight grain and similar in appearance to mahogany. Regular treatment is required to retain the original reddish brown colour. Alternatively, if untreated it fades to an attractive silver grey colour.

SAFETY: This product should be placed on a flat, level and hard base. Concrete and paving are ideal. Lawns are often too soft, but may be suitable with care. Children should not be allowed to climb on this product or to play around it without adult supervision. Jumping on this product is not recommended. Adults should sit down without excessive force. During the winter months and periods of adverse weather we recommend covering this product or storing it under cover.

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