Repackaged Composite Decking Kit 284 - Reversible, Grooved Finish, Grey

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Repackaged Composite Decking Kit 284 - Reversible, Grooved Finish, Grey
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The first 2 pictures show the standard decking boards fitted with our discreet fixing clips. Picture 3 shows a close up view of both sides. Picture 4 shows a WPC joist with an intermediate clip. Picture 5 shows the starter clips.


These great value decking kits are available in 8 sizes from approximately 7'x9' to 11'x7' (2.2x2.8m to 3.3x2.2m). This attractive and durable composite decking looks and feels like real wood. But unlike wood it requires virtually no maintenance and it will never rot. The decking is grey WPC wood plastic composite with a realistic grooved surface. The boards are fully reversible with a narrow grooved pattern on one side and a wider pattern on the reverse. The finished deck looks like freshly stained real wooden decking with a semi-translucent grey finish. The boards can be sawn or fixed in the same way as real wood. Our discreet fixing clips make installation easy with no visible fixings and no holes drilled in the boards. Other accessories include a choice of low cost joist kits, eco-grid bases and cover trims. Instructions are included.

REPACKAGED PRODUCT: Our repackaged products are intact and fully usable. The price has been reduced because the product has been returned or the packaging has been damaged and it is no longer as new. All components are fully usable although there may be some imperfections or scratches. Our normal aftersales service is available for missing or faulty components.

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REPACKAGED PRODUCT: This repackaged product offers an opportunity to save money. Similar to an ex demo or seconds quality, all major components should be usable with no significant shortages. The packaging may not be in new condition and there may be some imperfections or signs of use. If the product or packaging is not as new we offer the product for sale as “repackaged”.

  • Composite material made of wood and plastic
  • Combines the durability of plastic with the attractive appearance of freshly stained wood
  • Closely resembles the appearance of real timber decking
  • A fibrous surface, similar to the grain of real wood
  • Fully reversible with a realistic grooved surface on both sides
  • Narrow grooved pattern on one side and a wider grooved pattern on the other side
  • Square profile hollow section boards with a fluted and ribbed structure
  • Will never rot
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No painting is ever needed
  • Easy wipe-clean surface
  • A pressure washer can be used for stubborn marks
  • Similar to real wood, but heavier and stronger
  • Can be sawn or drilled, just like real wood
  • No knots, shakes, sap or splinters
  • Recommended joist spacing at 400mm centres (around 16") or less for normal domestic use
  • Board width 150mm
  • Board depth 25mm
  • Overall deck width 2200mm, 2572mm, 2939mm, 3305mm, 3675mm, 4044mm, 4410mm, 4777mm, 5144mm, 5510mm, 5882mm, 6249mm or 6615mm (7'3", 8'5", 9'8", 10'10", 12'1", 13'3", 14'6", 15'8", 16'11", 18'1", 19'4", 20'6" or 21'8")
  • Overall deck projection 2191mm, 2505mm, 2819mm, 3133m, 3761mm, 4389mm, 5017mm, 5645mm or 6273mm (7'2", 8'3", 9'3", 10'3", 12'4", 14'5", 16'6", 18'6" or 20'7")
  • The standard layout assumes that the boards are in line with the width and the joists are in line with the projection

LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE REAL WOOD: This superb quality WPC wood plastic composite decking closely resembles real wood, with the same look and feel. However, it is virtually maintenance free and it will never rot. At a glance it is difficult to tell the difference between this composite material and real timber decking with a stained finish. Furthermore, the similarities are not skin deep like a thin veneer. The realistic grooved finish has a fibrous surface which looks similar to the grain of real wood. This synthetic composite is also heavier and stronger than real wood. The strength, durability and lack of maintenance make this superb decking a popular choice with pensioners and discerning commercial buyers such as care homes.

VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE: Occasional cleaning with soapy water normally restores the original appearance. If any dirt or stains become ingrained after prolonged neglect even the most stubborn marks can be cleaned with a pressure washer.

A REAL ALTERNATIVE TO WOOD: Our WPC composite decking is a revolutionary material which provides all the benefits of real wood without the maintenance. It can be left outside uncovered all year round. Unlike real wood this synthetic wood is a weatherproof material with no knots, splinters, machining marks or other imperfections. It will never develop splits or shakes and no sap will ever ooze out of it.

WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE: Our wood plastic composite is an equal mixture of real wood and recycled plastic. Even the wood is a mixture of sawdust and unusable offcuts, so it is the ultimate environmentally friendly alternative to wood. The colour pigments are mixed in before the powdered composite is moulded into shape, so the colour runs all the way through the finished product. The boards are completely impervious to water. The boards can be sawn, drilled and screwed, just like real wood. You can fix it with standard woodscrews. Being heavier and denser than real wood, screw fixings are actually stronger in composite boards.

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