Repackaged Green Aluminium 1 Tier Slatted Staging 344

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Repackaged Green Aluminium 1 Tier Slatted Staging 344
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This freestanding aluminium slatted staging features one shelf with green powder coated aluminium throughout. Slatted staging is especially popular for growing with pot plants and seed trays. The shelf features gaps between the aluminium slats which allow water to drain away easily. A tray or board can be laid over the slats if required for potting and other work which requires a solid work surface. The completed staging is 1200mm long (3'11") and 520mm wide (1'8"). The height is 760mm (2'6"). The price includes fast next day delivery.

REPACKAGED PRODUCT: Our repackaged products are intact and fully usable. The price has been reduced because the product has been returned or the packaging has been damaged and it is no longer as new. All components are fully usable although there may be some imperfections or scratches. Our normal aftersales service is available for missing or faulty components.

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REPACKAGED PRODUCT: This repackaged metal product offers an opportunity to save money. It is similar to an ex display product. It is fully functional although there may be some scratches, chips or other imperfections. The packaging may not be in new condition but all major components should be usable. All major components should be present with no significant shortages. The packaging may have been damaged during handling or the product was returned or a customer ordered the wrong model. Whatever the reason, unless the product and packaging are in new condition we will not send it out as new. Instead we offer the product for sale as “repackaged”. Our replacement parts service is available if key components are faulty. With a little extra care some blemishes may be concealed or obscured during assembly. This repackaged product is missing 4 of the 8 diagonal braces hence the reduced price and placed in the clearance section of our website. 4 longer braces are not missing, 4 shorter braces are. The product is fully functional but may be less stable under a heavy load

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