Green 2 Tier Slatted Staging 346 - Easy Assembly

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Green 2 Tier Slatted Staging 346 - Easy Assembly
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This freestanding slatted staging features two shelves with green powder coated steel box profile framing throughout. Far stronger than comparable aluminium staging, it is also much easier to fit with prefabricated shelves and end panels. The main components can be assembled in just a few minutes using only 8 bolts. For added rigidity, 8 diagonal braces are also included. Slatted staging is especially popular for growing with pot plants and seed trays. The gaps between the slats allow water to drain away easily. A tray or board can be laid over the slats if required for potting and other work which requires a solid work surface. The completed staging is 1200mm long (3'11") and 500mm wide (1'8"). The height is 755mm (2'6"). Instructions and all necessary fixings are supplied.

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