Security Light 126 - Solar Powered, Motion Detection

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Security Light 126  - Solar Powered, Motion Detection
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The pictures show the standard security light.


This solar powered light switches itself on when it detects movement. It illuminates the approach to a shed or log cabin at night and it may also deter burglars. It is easy to install with no mains wiring and it costs nothing to run. During the day the attached solar panel converts daylight into electricity and recharges the battery. The passive infra red movement detector switches on at dusk and off at dawn. During this time the light switches itself on for approximately 30 seconds whenever movement is detected within a 10m (32'10") range. This security light uses warm white LEDs to offer up to 350 Lumens of brightness.

The compact unit is easy to mount and requires no mains power to run. Included is 5 metres (16'5") of cable between the solar panel and light. It is simple and safe to install without an electrician and IP56 rated for exceptional waterproofing so it can be installed and left with little maintenance. It is normally positioned on the fascia boards of a timber building such as a shed or a log cabin. It can also be positioned on a wall or fence so you can use more than one unit to illuminate a long approach to your building. You can also use multiple units to illuminate a large area.

Running time depends on the exposure of the panel to the sun and it varies with the seasons. Longer summer days provide the best charge. Sunny weather provides more charge than cloudy weather. For maximum running time the solar panel should be positioned in full sunlight away from cover or shade.

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