Indoor Gas Heater 163 - 3.4 kW, Hose and Regulator

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Indoor Gas Heater 163 - 3.4 kW, Hose and Regulator
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The pictures show the standard indoor heater.


This cosy indoor heater has a 3.4kW maximum output with adjustable heat settings. The space saving design makes it ideal for use in garden buildings such as summerhouses, log cabins, garden offices and workshops, with no need for an electricity supply or trailing leads. The gas bottle is stored within the unit and castor wheels are included for added portability. The classic design of a coal burning appearance with visible living flame is an attractive and endearing part of this heater's appeal. With automatic ignition and simple 3 setting heat control knob, ease of use is another useful feature. The gas shuts off automatically if the flame goes out or if high levels of CO2 are detected. Ventilation is required when in use. The heat output should be sufficient for all but the largest of garden buildings or the coldest of days, allowing you to work or play in comfort. A regulator with hose is included as standard. The overall size is approximately 1'4" wide x 1'5" deep x 2'4" high (400x440x700mm).

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  • 3.4kW maximum output (approximately 11.6k BTU)
  • Adjustable heater settings with 3 levels of heat intensity (low, medium and high)
  • Automatic ignition
  • Classic coal burning appearance with attractive living flame
  • Handle cut outs each side within the casing
  • Sturdy base with castor wheels for ease of movement
  • Removable back support which can be stored within the unit when not in use
  • Regulator with hose included
  • Gas bottle not included (15kg butane gas cylinder recommended)
  • Estimated run time approximately 60 hours of continuous use (subject to chosen heat output)
  • Ventilation is required when in use
  • Gas shuts off automatically if the flame goes out or high levels of CO2 are detected
  • Overall width approximately 1'4" (400mm)
  • Overall depth approximately 1'5" (440mm) with back support fitted
  • Overall depth approximately 1'1" (320mm) with back support removed for storage
  • Overall height approximately 2'4" (700mm)
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