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Many of our buildings are available throughout the UK but many more are only available regionally. Often our regional buildings are the best value. We also offer a wide range of local installation services. That's why we've developed this postcode based website.

Before we know your local area ...

Before we know your local area, you will see buildings from randomly selected areas. These buildings may not be available in your area or the prices may be different. Also, the prices for fitting may be different.

After we know your local area ...

After we know your local area, you will see only buildings which are available in your postcode district. All prices include delivery to your home and all installation prices are valid in your area.

Delivery lead times ...

On every product page there is a separate DELIVERY heading with the current delivery period for that particular product. This information is especially easy to update and we are careful to ensure that our advice is as accurate as possible.

Installation ...

We install many of our buildings throughout the UK. Installation is normally an option but some buildings are installed free. Installation prices are normally listed next to the building prices. Some of our best value budget priced buildings are only available for DIY self assembly.

How this postcode based website works ...

For your convenience this website has been programmed with the choice of buildings available in each postcode district throughout mainland England, Scotland and Wales. If we know the FIRST HALF of your postcode - e.g. NW10 or CV23 - all of the buildings available in your local area will be displayed at the correct price.

We don't need to know exactly where you live, just your local area ...

To tell us the first half of your postcode click here

After entering the first half of your post code browsing is quicker and easier because you only see information which is relevant to your location. Ordering from Summer Garden Buildings is also quicker and easier because the correct prices are calculated for you automatically. Above all you have more choice including many buildings and special offers which are only available regionally.

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If you tell us your local area we'll make sure you don't miss out!

CLEARANCE SALE . . . many prices reduced . . . see product pages for details!