Cabins, Sheds, Benches and a Gazebo at Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary

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Venture Farm Cat Rescue is a non profit charity based in Norfolk. It is run by volunteers and re-homes hundreds of cats every year. We have been delighted to supply Venture Farm with a wide range of our garden buildings and outdoor furniture over the years. The cats appreciate a comfortable seat or a cosy haven, just like our other customers.

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3 Log Cabins at Venture Farm

Many of our log cabins can be used as sleeping accommodation by people or cats. The log cabins pictured below were delivered on a lorry with a truck-mounted crane and a helpful driver. Next, they were professionally installed by one of our specialist teams of cabin fitters. Then volunteers at Venture Farm painted the cabins and fitted them out for the comfort of their guests. Finally, our permeable eco-grid pavers were laid in front of the cabins to keep the mud out and prevent the ground from becoming a quagmire when it rains.

We also supplied the circular tree seat and the plastic kennels which can be seen in some of the images.

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Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Log Cabin 317 x 3, 14th August 2019

Garden Benches at Venture Farm

Our chunky pressure treated garden furniture is a hit with many customers including the guests at Venture Farm. By the way, you are not mistaken, that is a peacock sitting on our bench!

Although we offer a wide choice of picnic benches, the one pictured below has been discontinued.

Click here to see our Pressure Treated Bench 210, which is pictured below. It is one of our best selling garden benches.

Click here to see our Circular Tree Seat 227, which is also pictured below. It seems to be the star attraction for the cats.

Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Bench 210 x 4, Tree Seat 227, 14th August 2019

3 Sheds at Venture Farm

Examples of our Pent Shed 111 are pictured below. It is a strong and attractive shed with distinctive and practical Georgian glazing - the small glass panes are surprisingly hard to break. With cat-flaps fitted, these 3 sheds are in use as accommodation for cats. Our Pent Shed 111 includes free fitting and preservative treatment, which the Venture Farm volunteers have painted over in 3 exciting colours.

Click here to see Pent Shed 111.

Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Shed 111 x 1, 7th May 2020

A Gazebo at Venture Farm

Many of our larger gazebos are used as a sheltered dining area in pubs and restaurants around the country. Our Gazebo 424 is smaller but it seems to suit smaller diners just as well.

Click here to see Gazebo 424.

Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Octagonal Gazebo 424, 13th March 2021

A Heavy Duty Shed at Venture Farm

Our Apex Shed 14 is pictured below It is often used as a heavy duty workshop but Venture Farm use it as a secure and spacious storage shed. It includes thicker cladding and framing, extra height and heavy duty ironmongery. It is delivered fully treated and fitted free.

Click here to see Apex Shed 14.

Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Shed 14, 28th November 2021

Porous Plastic Paving Grids at Venture Farm

We have supplied a lot of our porous eco-grid paving to Venture Farm, which has been very useful. The fields quickly become wet and boggy so our eco-grid pavers are used very effectively in high traffic areas. We supply our recycled plastic eco-grid pavers to the public as permeable driveways which comply with modern planning requirements and also as a base for many of our sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos and greenhouses.

Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Permeable Driveway 220, 12th May 2022

Pressure Treated Sheds at Venture Farm

Examples of our pressure treated Pent Shed 138 are pictured below. These are delivered on a pallet within just a few days for simple DIY assembly. The Venture Farm volunteers wrote to confirm that it is easy to install. These sheds have been fitted out with bales of straw to make a comfy den for cats, which is just one of many ways Venture Farm look after the wellbeing of their feline guests.

Click here to see Pent Shed 138.

Venture Farm Animal Sanctuary, Mattishall, Norfolk, NR20, Shed 138 x 2, 27th February 2024

Dog Kennels at Venture Farm

And last but not least, not many people know that cats love a dog kennel - as long as it is unoccupied! The cats at Venture Farm are no exception with 6 of our plastic dog kennels scattered around the site to provide a cosy sanctuary. Although the kennel pictured below has been discontinued we offer a choice of pet houses including kennels.

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