Photos of 7x6 Wooden Gazebo 210

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Dear Team,

I wanted to say a big thank you for our gazebo, which arrived 28th Sept and we put up on the 29th.

We are really delighted with the quality of the building and the inside of the roof is really beautiful. It has made a great addition to our garden. We've fitted removable perspex 'windows over the 2 'windows' and the slated sides, which keeps it warmer in the cool months, fitted a pendant light/heater from the central roof wood, sealed some of the joints to stop leaks with transparent sealant and painted the exterior green.

The hexagonal table and 3 benches are absolutely perfect.

It took quite a lot of skill to interpret the instructions, sort the screws and carefully build it, but it was good to do the job ourselves and we have got a lot of satisfaction from it.

Many thanks

Sue, Bramhope, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16, 7x6 Wooden Gazebo 210, 7th November 2020


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