Photos of 11x14 Metal Shed 378

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Hi Paul,

Was in my shed yesterday and it reminded me that I never followed up after having built it. I found your customer pics and reviews handy so I thought I would share my experience of building it and living with it.

I was looking for a solution to store a motorbike, a couple of mowers and various bits of kit, I ran electric to it so we can keep batteries etc on trickle charge over the winter. For me the width of the doorway was most important as the tractor mower had a 42 inch cutting deck you can't fit through a regular shed door way. I looked high and low for a solution and settled on the idea of a tin shed. We got someone in the lay the concrete foundations, that was relatively easy and very important. Reviews had said 4-6 hours to build, it took us two days and it was a freezing cold winters day. My first bit of advice would be to pay someone else to do it if you can. What really takes the time is dismantling it when you realise 10 steps in that the bits you'd fitted were the wrong way round or upside down and the holes for the next bit aren't lining up. You REALLY need to concentrate, spend time getting all the metal bits on the ground in their “groups”. Keep them well out of the way till you need them. My other bit of advice is you have to build it do it when it's warm, your hands will get so cold you can't hold the fiddly self-tapping screws. Finally – use electric screwdrivers with magnetic ends!

Wearing gloves is important but a challenge, the metal edges are super sharp. Prepare for injuries and have some plasters on hand.

The cross beams inside are very low. OK I'm 6'5 but as you can see in the pictures I can just about stand up in the middle apex. The rest of it I end up crouching. You could mount it on railway sleepers to give it more height. Size wise it's plenty long enough width wise you can get a big motorbike and tractor mower in side by side and just have enough room for a push along mower between them.

I would advise that you screw it to the concrete base (get the optional hammer fixings, they look pretty small but with enough of them they're fine, the holes are pre drilled) , we live in a very windy spot and stupidly I didn't bother to start with. Got away with it for a month then one day came out and it had folded up on its end! Thankfully it pinged back into shape but could have been very bad. Moisture / Condensation obviously isn't great in the winter. It doesn't leak but you get droplets forming and falling from the roof.

Hope this is useful, overall it does the job I wanted it to do, it is a good bit of kit.

All the best


Naunton, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7, 11x14 Metal Shed 378, 30th August 2021

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