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An extract from our 1986 fencing brochure is reproduced below:

Extracts from our 1986 sheds brochure are reproduced below:

A 1989 promotional flyer is reproduced below:

A 1998 brochure is reproduced below which we produced for Stamford Homes. Since taken over by a larger builder, Stamford Homes were then one of the biggest housebuilders in the East Midlands with sites across Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. Every year they built hundreds of new homes and we were their approved conservatory partner. It was a very successful joint venture. At the time a conservatory was deemed to be part of a new dwelling and therefore exempt from VAT if work on the conservatory started before the new dwelling was officially completed. This gave new home buyers the opportunity to add a conservatory with no VAT to pay. At the time VAT was 15% so it was a significant saving. Our agreement with Stamford Homes provided their customers with an extra incentive to buy their house from Stamford Homes. Our builders were allowed access to excavate the foundations and pour the concrete before the completion date.

A 1998 promotional flyer is reproduced below. It features the Peterborough Show Centre but similar flyers were printed for the Norwich, Cambridge and Northampton Show Centres.

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