Northampton Showcentre 1996-2008

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The Summer show centre at the Wyevale Garden Centre, Wootton, Northampton was originally built by "in house" bricklayers and carpenters who were normally employed to build conservatories. However, the entire garden centre was rebuilt soon afterwards and the original show centre was located exactly where the magnificent new garden centre entrance would be. The new entrance is pictured below.

The images below show the huge new Summer show centre which was built close by. It included 3 purpose-built flat roof office buildings, which were specifically designed to accommodate display conservatories.

Each building was neatly presented with detailed posters listing the features and prices. The images below show sheds, greenhouses, summerhouses, playhouses and garages on display.

In stock now - log cabins, metal sheds, greenhouses, gazebos, garden furniture