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Corner Summerhouse 92 - Shiplap, Double Doors

Corner Summerhouse 92 - Shiplap, Double Doors


These superb quality high specification summerhouses are 6'x6' (1.8mx1.8m), 7'x7' (2.1mx2.1m) or 8'x8' (2.4mx2.4m). Features include a choice of deal or cedar cladding. Quality features include double hinged doors, 2 opening windows and 2 window boxes. Options include a choice of diamond leaded or plain glazing. Other options include a coloured paint treatment in a choice of colours. Instructions are supplied for self assembly. We offer fitting as a low cost option in many areas.

Prices fixed until Wednesday 11th December.

The prices INCLUDE DELIVERY. Unlike others we do not add delivery charges at the checkout. Everything you need for assembly is supplied including instructions, fixings and all glazing and roofing materials. INSTALLATION is also available as a low cost option in most areas.

SizeDeal Shiplap, Plain GlazingDeal Shiplap, Leaded GlazingThicker Deal, Plain GlazingThicker Deal, Leaded GlazingCedar, Plain GlazingCedar, Leaded GlazingColoured paint finish in place of golden brownColoured paint finish in two coloursToughened glass19mm Heavy duty floor instead of standard floorWall, floor & roof insulation with liningEco-grid base, 150 tonnes per m2, fully pavedEco-paving base, 200 tonnes per m2, fully paved
6' x 6'
7' x 7'
8' x 8'


  • All timber used in the construction of this summerhouse originates from sustainable forests
  • All timber treated by total immersion in a high quality preservative
  • Morticed and tenoned joinery doors and windows - if cedar cladding is specified the joinery doors and windows will also be made from cedar
  • 2 full height opening windows
  • 2 decorative window boxes
  • Fully glazed double doors with mortice lock fitted
  • Black antique style hinges and handles
  • Pressure treated 2" x 2" floor joists (lifetime preservative treatment). Bearers not required
  • Strong 3" thick planed roof purlins (70mm finished size after machining)
  • Strong 2" thick planed deal framework (45mm finished size after machining)
  • 12mm deal tongued and grooved floor boards (finished size after machining)
  • 12mm deal tongued and grooved roof boards (finished size after machining)
  • Green mineral felted roof
  • Eaves height 6'5" (1955mm)
  • Ridge height 6'10" (2095mm)

GOOD QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: A feature of these summerhouses is the doors, which have a mortice lock and come with black antique handles and hinges included as standard. The windows are also well made with joinery opening windows featuring morticed and tenoned joints. The glazing is glass retained with timber beading. Another feature is the substantial framing which ensures a more robust and durable building.

CORNER BUILDING SIZES: For ease of reference these corner summerhouses are measured as a square based on the width of the two longest walls. The external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.

WE ARE PROUD TO DISPLAY A SIMILAR BUILDING: You can see a similar building to this one on display at our show centre in Norwich. Although it is not exactly the same model, it is a similar building made in the same factory to a similar specification using the same components. The display will give you a good impression of the overall quality of construction. With thousands of buildings on our website and only a few dozen on display, we only display our best value buildings. We chose to display this building because it is one of our favourite buildings. We know it will bear close scrutiny. If you are able to visit us you will see the quality for yourself. Our Show Centre is open 7 days a week with expert advisors always available.


  • Installation (in most postcode areas)
  • Choice of 12mm deal shiplap, 19mm deal shiplap or 12mm Western Red Cedar shiplap (finished sizes after machining)
  • Choice of diamond leaded glazing or plain glazing with clear glass
  • Coloured external paint finish in a choice of one or two colours
  • 4mm toughened glass to BS6206 Class A
  • Heavy duty floor with 19mm thick tongued and grooved boards (finished size after machining)
  • Fully glazed double doors are supplied as standard. Half boarded double doors are available at the same price if requested
  • Internal lining and insulation to the walls, floor and roof, with polystyrene insulation and plain MDF lining
  • This summerhouse can be made in smaller sections if access restricted

OPTIONAL SAME DAY INSTALLATION - THE BENEFITS: Our optional in house installation service is not just convenient, it is also your assurance of a better quality summerhouse. This is because any building with in house installation available is invariably better made using quality components. Over time regular feedback from fitters ensures that design faults and weaknesses have been rectified. Same day installation is convenient for you and cost effective because it saves travelling costs. The fitters will deliver your summerhouse and then install it, all at the same time. Others send sub-contract fitters separately, often from far away and often a week or two after the delivery. Waiting for the fitter can be very frustrating. Sub-contract fitting is also much more expensive because of the travelling costs. The fitting service does not include base preparation. A flat and level base is required, which can be made using concrete, paving slabs, pressure treated timber or plastic. In many areas we offer a base laying service as an option. We also offer heavy duty plastic base kits in all areas.

COLOURED EXTERNAL PAINT FINISH: You can choose one or two of our paint colours. The doors and windows can be painted the same colour as the external cladding or a different colour. This high quality microporous paint system is available in a choice of colours. Microporous woodstains offer superior protection plus greater durability. Microporous woodstains are impervious to water but not to water vapour, which allows the wood to breathe. Colours are only as accurate as reproductive techniques allow.

WESTERN RED CEDAR: Western Red Cedar is a naturally resilient timber which lasts longer than pine and other softwoods, even if never treated from new. It has been widely used in construction for over a century. During this time cedar has deservedly earned an unrivalled reputation for its attractive appearance and extraordinary durability. It is the ideal choice for people who are too busy to maintain their garden building. This oily timber has a strong but pleasant aroma which repells insects. Cedar contains hardly any knots. If untreated it will fade to a silvery grey colour. Western Red Cedar is a sustainable resource from the well managed forests of North America.

TOUGHENED SAFETY GLASS: Toughened safety glass is around 6 times stronger than normal glass so it is less likely to break. When it does break, toughened glass breaks into harmless small pieces. This makes toughened glass the best option for all the family including children, pets and the elderly.

HEAVY DUTY FLOOR: The standard floor is stronger than most summerhouse floors and suitable for all normal uses. It features 12mm thick tongued and grooved boards. The heavy duty floor features 19mm thick tongued and grooved boarding, which is similar to the tongued and grooved boarding used in housebuilding. It also features joists which are spaced close together for improved strength. The heavy duty floor is exceptionally strong and suitable for storing heavier items such as ride on mowers and large motorbikes where a considerable weight may be concentrated on one or two small points.

RESTRICTED ACCESS: A quality feature of these summerhouses is that they are made in large rigid panels. If access is restricted, your summerhouse can be specially made in smaller sections designed to pass through a normal single door. The smaller sections are designed to be at least as strong as the larger panels normally supplied. This option is not normally required for smaller buildings up to 6'x6' unless there are other obstructions. There is a charge for this option and notice is required with the order. For more details see "Other options".


  • Delivery is normally between 4 and 5 weeks after order.
  • Our summerhouse prices include all delivery charges - unlike others we do not add delivery charges during the checkout process.

SPECIALIST DELIVERY SERVICE: These summerhouses are normally delivered by specialist trained staff in dedicated vehicles. Most other summerhouses are delivered by national carriers who normally deliver to the kerbside only and their prices are based on weight and pack sizes. National carriers normally refuse to carry glass and generally cause more damage. As a result summerhouses delivered by outside carriers are normally made in smaller sections and weigh less, with thinner cladding and framing, styrene glazing less than 2mm thick and OSB floor and roof boards just 7mm thick. The benefits of a specialist delivery service include less damage, larger panels, heavier construction and helpful drivers who will carry your summerhouse to your chosen storage place.


  • All summerhouse prices include VAT.
  • Pay only 30% deposit when you order this summerhouse by phone or online.

ORDER BY PHONE: You can pay with a debit or credit card. To order phone us on 01603 721590 seven days a week. You can pay in full or pay a deposit only. You can pay a minimum 30% deposit with order or pay a bigger deposit if you prefer.

ORDER ONLINE: You can pay with a debit or credit card. We also accept password protected online payments using Verified by VISA or Mastercard SecureCode. You can pay in full or pay a deposit only. You can pay a minimum 30% deposit with order or pay a bigger deposit if you prefer.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept most major credit cards and debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, VISA Delta, VISA Debit, MasterCard Debit, Electron, Solo, Switch, Maestro and UK Maestro. We also accept secure online payments using Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards at present.

SCHOOLS, COUNCILS AND BUSINESSES: We supply many schools, local councils and businesses both large and small. The prices and terms are the same so you can order online if you wish. If you want to pay by BACS transfer or company cheque you will need to order by phone.


  • Installation by specialist trained staff is available as an option in most postcode areas.
  • If installation is available in your local area the prices are displayed alongside the summerhouse prices.

OPTIONAL INSTALLATION: If installation is ordered your summerhouse will be delivered and installed on the same day by prior appointment with you. These summerhouses are designed to be professionally installed so more care is taken in the factory to speed up installation and minimize problems on site. The result is better quality summerhouses which are easy to fit and longer lasting.

SIMPLE DIY ASSEMBLY: Because these summerhouses are designed to be professionally installed they are also easier to fit yourself. Features of these summerhouses include careful construction with high quality components, larger panel sizes and fewer problems.



  • We are giving away free toughened glass with this summerhouse!
  • This offer ends on Wednesday 11th December so ORDER NOW to avoid disappointment!

Features and Accessories

SUMMER HOUSES - Summerhouse base preparation and other information
Summerhouse base preparation and other information
SUMMER HOUSES - Floor plans
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SUMMER HOUSES - Base for Timber Floor - Eco-grid base, 150 tonnes per m2, fully paved
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SUMMER HOUSES - Base for Timber Floor - Eco-paving base, 200 tonnes per m2, fully paved
Floor plans
SUMMER HOUSES - Close up view of cladding
Close up view of cladding
SUMMER HOUSES - Burglar alarm
Burglar alarm
SUMMER HOUSES - Solar powered inside lights - no running costs
Solar powered inside lights - no running costs
SUMMER HOUSES - Solar powered outside lights with motion sensors - no running costs
Solar powered outside lights with motion sensors - no running costs
SUMMER HOUSES - Solar powered string lights
Solar powered string lights
SUMMER HOUSES - Hanging baskets and planters
Hanging baskets and planters
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Window and door colours
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Paint finish - Full colour chart
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Paint colours - large pictures
SUMMER HOUSES - Toughened glass
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