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Apex Metal Shed 383 - Double Door, Galvanized Steel

Apex Metal Shed 383 - Double Door, Galvanized Steel


This great value metal shed is approximately 10'x18' with an attractive grey coloured external finish. Heavier than most other comparable metal sheds, all framing and cladding is hot dip galvanized steel. The cladding and doors are also resin coated on both sides. Large sliding double doors in the 10' wide wall are included with lockable handles and a heavy duty threshold. Strong foundation rails are also included. The strong roof structure features 4" thick rafters and ventilated gables. All fixings and instructions are included. Options include a unique choice of base options and a selection of base anchor fixings to ensure that your shed is fixed down securely. Accessories include shelves, tool racks and tool hooks.

Prices fixed until Wednesday 26th June.

The prices include courier delivery in mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland. Elsewhere delivery is a few days slower at extra cost. When you order please select the earliest available day or any other weekday but please allow a few days extra in case of delay. All fixings and instructions are included.

SizeGrey Paint FinishGalvanized steel base beamsPressure treated timber base kitHeavy duty pressure treated timber base kitPlastic base kit
10'6" x 17'9"


  • Hot dip galvanized steel framing
  • Hot dip galvanized steel cladding panels with a tough epoxy resin coating inside and out
  • Attractive grey colour to external cladding
  • Contrasting colour to gable fascias and door frame trims
  • Pale colour to all internal cladding
  • Double sliding doors in the 10'6" wide front wall
  • Pair of door handles pre-drilled with 10mm diameter holes to suit most padlocks
  • Vertical, horizontal and diagonal door framing
  • Cladding sheets are corrugated and ribbed for extra strength
  • Corner cladding sheets are folded ninety degrees and overlapped to provide a strong and waterproof corner joint
  • 100mm x 30mm intermediate roof purlins
  • 100mm x 60mm main ridge beam
  • 125mm x 30mm door threshold and ramp
  • 110mm x 30mm and 55mm x 30mm foundation rails
  • 120mm wide external ridge cover
  • 4 louvred ventilators are fitted to the front and rear gables for improved ventilation
  • Eaves height approximately 5'4" (1620mm)
  • Ridge height approximately 6'9" (2050mm)
  • Door height approximately 5'1" (1545mm)
  • Door opening width approximately 3'7" (1090mm)
  • This shed is easy to deliver if access is restricted - all sections are designed to pass through a normal single door
  • External roof size 10'6" wide x 17'9" deep (3210mm x 5410mm)
  • External cladding size approximately 10'2" wide x 17'5" deep (3110mm x 5310mm)
  • Overall weight 165kg excluding floor - heavier than similar metal sheds supplied by others

GALVANIZED STEEL CLADDING: These great value buildings are made with galvanized steel throughout. All framing and cladding is hot dip galvanized steel. This is a process by which steel is coated with zinc to protect it from corrosion. The cladding is subsequently coated with epoxy resin, partly to protect the zinc coating itself and partly to add colour. The factory finish is described as primer although a top coat is not normally needed. The combination of a zinc coating with epoxy resin provides durable protection even if the surface is scratched.

STRONG FRAMING: In common with all other steel buildings, including even the largest sports stadia, retail superstores and warehouses, steel cladding sheets are surprisingly thin. The strength of steel buildings is provided by the frame, although the corrugations of the cladding sheets do provide a degree of extra strength. These metal sheds feature strong galvanized steel framing members and the completed frame is rigid.

HEAVY PACKS: As a rough and ready rule, the heavier a metal shed is the stronger it is. Our sheds are heavier than most similar metal sheds which is why we publish the weight. The packs are very heavy but surprisingly compact, especially the cladding sheets which are packed tightly together.

DOOR SIZES - HEIGHT AND WIDTH: The door height listed above is the approximate head clearance height. The actual clear height of the opening is approximately 1" or 25mm less due to the door threshold. The approximate door opening width listed above is the minimum clearance which is safe to use when considering whether to purchase this building. We recommend allowing at least another 3" or 75mm all round any large objects to ensure easy access on a regular basis. In practice the actual opening width may be a few inches wider if the doors are set up with care.

SIZES - DEPTH AND WIDTH: Sizes are sometimes rounded to the nearest nominal size for ease of reading but the correct external sizes are listed alongside the price. The sizes listed alongside the prices are the external roof sizes. The external wall sizes may be smaller. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the depth. The width refers to the angled gable walls at the front and rear including the door wall. The depth refers to the side walls. All sizes are approximate.


  • Next day delivery or delay the delivery until you're ready at the same price
  • A wide choice of floor options and base anchor fixings
  • No floor
  • Timber base kits - overall base size 11'6"x18'1" (3500x5500mm)
  • Plastic base kits - overall base size 11'4"x17'8" (3465x5390mm)
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel base beams
  • Base fixings
  • Concrete hammer fixings
  • Corner brackets
  • Galvanized steel shelves
  • Galvanized steel tool racks
  • Galvanized steel double tool hooks
  • Solar powered lights
  • Padlocks

NO FLOOR: This building can be built without a floor if it is placed directly onto concrete, paving slabs or decking. This is normally the cheapest option if a suitable area of existing hardstanding is available. If so, the pre-drilled galvanized steel foundation rails should be fixed into your base. If the base is timber, the screws supplied with your building can be used to fix the pre-drilled steel foundation rails into the base. We also offer a selection of stronger base fixings as low cost options.

GALVANIZED STEEL BASE BEAMS: The galvanized steel base beams are fixed to the foundation rails of your shed, providing a choice of two floor options. The base beams can be used as floor joists to support a timber floor or as shuttering to make laying a mortar screed easier. The beams can be laid directly onto any hard flat surface including paving, concrete or decking. The steel frame is easy to assemble and the correct size to suit your shed.

A timber floor can be constructed with either tongued and grooved timber boards or man made boards such as plywood, OSB or chipboard. Alternatively, a mortar screed can be laid using the steel beams to divide the floor into small sections, which makes laying a level screed easier. Each section is filled with mortar and levelled with a piece of wood stretched across the surrounding steel beams. The foundation rails and beams include flanges which are buried under the mortar screed to ensure that your building is anchored down by the screed.

Everything you need is included except the mortar or the timber boards, which are widely available from DIY stores or online. The easiest way to make a screed is using pre-mixed mortar. You just add water and stir before use. Alternatively, it may be cheaper to buy the sand and cement separately and mix the mortar with 1 part cement to 4 parts sand. Based on the internal area of your shed you will need around 40-50kg of mortar per square metre.

TIMBER AND PLASTIC BASE KITS: Our easy to install base kits feature a choice of timber or plastic pavers. The pavers can be laid directly on concrete, paving or decking. The finished base is a few inches larger than your shed. No part of the shed is in direct contact with the ground and valuable items such as lawnmowers and steel tools are stored off the ground. This prolongs the life of your shed and the contents. Our optional fixing packs include suitable screws to fix the foundation rails of your shed firmly into the base. If your pavers are laid on concrete or paving we also recommend our optional hammer fixings.

PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER BASES: These easy to install timber decking tiles feature boards with a reeded surface finish and a small gap between each board to allow for expansion and contraction of the timber and drainage. All timber is pressure treated, a lifetime preservative treatment. Unlike slabs or concrete these deck tiles are lightweight and fully relocatable. Boarding or matting can be laid over the tiles if a smooth floor is required. Each paver is 500mm x 500mm with 14mm thick decking boards, approximately 21mm gaps and 28x12mm joists (finished sizes after machining).

PLASTIC BASES: Our durable and self draining eco-paving base kits are a practical and affordable alternative to slabs or concrete. Lightweight and easy to install within a few minutes, these polypropylene pavers simply click together with no fixings needed. The interlocking design helps to spread weight and ensures greater rigidity. Unlike paving or concrete our plastic bases are fully relocatable. Our eco-paving is less brittle than concrete paving slabs, with a strong supporting structure. The surface looks and feels similar to pressed concrete slabs, with a slightly textured finish. The interlocking design combines the weight of the contents with the weight of your shed to enhance the stability of the structure.

BASE FIXING KITS: Our optional base fixing kits include sufficient screws to fix the foundation rails of our metal sheds to a plastic or timber base. The screws supplied are longer, wider and stronger than the screws supplied with the shed. The design of the screws also ensures a tighter fit and a more secure fixing.

CONCRETE HAMMER FIXINGS: We recommend hammer fixings for any metal building which is sited on a solid base of concrete or paving to ensure that it is securely fixed down. The pack includes sufficient hammer fixings to fix the pre-drilled foundation rails into the base. The fixings are drive in hammer screws with a nylon sleeve. A masonry drill bit is also available as an option if required. Drive in hammer fixings are simple to use. First the hole is drilled in the masonry and then the fixing is hammered home. If required the screw head allows easy removal with a screwdriver.

CORNER BRACKETS: Corner brackets are recommended for any metal building which is subject to frequent use or sited in an exposed area. The corner brackets strengthen the corners and also make it easier to fix your building down into a solid base. The kit includes 4 galvanized steel corner brackets. Screws are included to fix the brackets into the foundation rails. Screws and nylon plugs are also supplied for fixing into bricks, concrete or paving slabs.

SHELVES: Each shelf is 2'7" long and 8" wide (800mm x 200mm). Each kit includes a galvanized steel shelf, supplied complete with shelf brackets and fixings.

TOOL RACKS: Supplied in pairs, each kit includes 2 galvanized steel tool racks, each 2'4" long (700mm). Each tool rack has 24 holes and slots punched in a variety of sizes and 6 useful hooks. The maximum storage capacity for each kit is therefore 60 tools or similar items. The racks can be fixed to the internal wall cladding.

JUMBO TOOL HOOKS: Each set includes 4 heavy duty galvanized steel double tool hooks. These jumbo tool hooks are 215mm high and 110mm wide (8"x4"). No fixings are needed. Installation could not be easier. Just hang the tool hooks over the horizontal framing inside your building. You can relocate the tool hooks at any time with equal ease.

SOLAR POWERED LIGHTS: These ingenious and affordable solar powered lights are easy to install with no mains wiring and they cost nothing to run. During the day the externally mounted solar panel converts daylight into electricity and recharges the batteries. The solar panel is weatherproof and suitable for outside use. It is normally positioned high on the walls of your garden shed or on the roof. Our solar internal lights solve the problem of seeing inside your garden shed at night. Our solar security lights illuminate the approach to your garden shed at night and may also deter burglars. After dusk the passive infra red movement detector switches itself on when it detects movement. The more expensive solar lights are brighter and stay on for longer.


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Features and Accessories

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Shed base preparation and other information
SHEDS xx - Corner brackets
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SHEDS xx - Fixings for plastic bases
Fixings for plastic bases
SHEDS xx - Fixings for timber bases
Fixings for timber bases
SHEDS xx - Hammer fixings
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SHEDS xx - Hammer fixings with drill bit
Hammer fixings with drill bit
SHEDS xx - Solar powered inside lights - no running costs
Solar powered inside lights - no running costs
SHEDS xx - Solar powered outside lights with motion sensors - no running costs
Solar powered outside lights with motion sensors - no running costs
SHEDS xx - Pressure treated timber bases
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SHEDS xx - Recycled plastic bases
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SHEDS xx - Floor mats - non slip EVA foam
Floor mats - non slip EVA foam
SHEDS xx - Shelving and workbenches
Shelving and workbenches
SHEDS xx - Shelving - plastic push fit
Shelving - plastic push fit
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Shelving - steel
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Galvanized steel base kits
SHEDS xx - Steel tool racks
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