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Aluminium Lean To Greenhouse 145 - Green, Toughened Glass, Base Included

Aluminium Lean To Greenhouse 145 - Green, Toughened Glass, Base Included


This unbeatable value lean to greenhouse is available 4'2"x6'4" or 4'2"x8'4" and features green powder coated aluminium and 4mm thick toughened safety glass as standard. The frame includes triple eaves corner plates for added strength. Extra braces and struts are also included for extra strength and rigidity. The door is in the 4'2" wide wall. The prices include a free base plinth which makes installation easier. The 4'x6' greenhouse includes one roof vent, the 4'x8' greenhouse includes two roof vents to provide ventilation and a sliding door provides access. The rear height is 7'6" with the base plinth and just 7'1" without it. This is lower than most other lean to greenhouses so it can be fitted at more sites. Detailed fitting instructions are supplied for easy DIY self assembly. This lean to greenhouses and all accessories are always in stock, so whatever you order we can deliver within a matter of days.


The prices INCLUDE NEXT DAY DELIVERY in mainland England, Wales and southern Scotland. Elsewhere delivery is 5 days at extra cost. You can choose delivery on any weekday. All glazing, fixings and instructions are included. Our local INSTALLATION and BASELAYING services are also available in many postcode areas. The prices include a free base plinth.

SizeWith Toughened Glass and Base PlinthEco-grid base, 150 tonnes per m2, fully pavedEco-paving base, 200 tonnes per m2, fully paved
4'2" x 6'4"
4'2" x 8'4"


  • 4mm toughened glass as standard
  • Green powder coated aluminium greenhouse frame
  • Green powder coated galvanized steel base plinth (makes installation easier)
  • T-shaped glazing bars with a central upstand for greater strength and rigidity
  • Full height glass where practical with large panes and fewer joins
  • Single sliding door
  • Profiled eaves beam with integral gutter
  • The ridge beam features continuous horizontal grooves to retain the roof glazing more securely
  • 6 triangular eaves corner plates, 3 per corner, to ensure maximum strength and rigidity
  • Diagonal corner braces in every wall to provide greater structural rigidity
  • Eaves struts at 2' centres reinforce the connection between the side walls and the roof
  • 1 free roof vent (4'x6' greenhouses)
  • 2 free roof vents (4'x8' greenhouses)
  • Ridge height approximately 7'6" (2280mm) including the base plinth
  • Ridge height approximately 7'1" (2150mm) excluding the base plinth
  • Eaves height approximately 4'6" (1375mm) including the base plinth
  • Door width 2'1" (630mm)
  • Door opening width 1'11" (590mm)
  • Door height 5'8" (1740mm)
  • Greenhouse width 1270mm (4'2")
  • Greenhouse length 1920mm or 2540mm (6'4" or 8'4")

TOUGHENED GLASS: Toughened glass is the best glazing material for use in greenhouses. It is around 6 times stronger than normal glass so it is less likely to break and when it does break toughened glass breaks into harmless small pieces. This makes toughened glass the best option for all the family including children, pets and the elderly. Toughened glass also strengthens the frame and it is heavy which helps to resist wind. All glass supplied is 4mm thick toughened safety glass.

POWDER COATED ALUMINIUM: The powder coated finish is more attractive than the stark silver finish aluminium greenhouses. The tough finish also has excellent weathering properties and retains its gloss and colour superbly. A good example of powder coating is the finish on your washing machine. Powder coated aluminium greenhouses have a similar finish.

BASE PLINTH: The base plinth makes installation much easier. It is designed to be a portable and prefabricated foundation beam. The plinth features a flat underside to spread the weight of the greenhouse over a larger area. The base plinth can be placed on any flat and level surface including soil, gravel, decking, concrete or paving slabs. It is best to prepare a perimeter footing of concrete or paving slabs for the base plinth to stand on. However, with care the base plinth can be placed on any surface including soil or gravel provided that the ground is flat and level.

GREENHOUSE LOCATION: Ideally your greenhouse should have a clear space at least 18" wide on all sides, if possible. This ensures easy access for both installation and future maintenance. In reality this is often not practical and at many sites it is not needed. A reduced clearance is often possible on one or two sides. You should cut back or remove any nearby shrubs and trees. Remember to allow for future growth. The best position for a lean to greenhouse is against a south facing wall and outside the shadow of nearby buildings and trees. A sheltered position is best otherwise additional screening may be advisable. Plants need plenty of water so your greenhouse should be close to a water supply and the site should be well drained.

TIPS IF HEIGHT IS RESTRICTED: At sites where the wall height is restricted it may be possible to excavate the base area in order to reduce the ground level. This is not always practical at every site as it depends on the surfaces. It may also be possible to partially bury the base plinth or cills in the ground. This is best done after the greenhouse has been delivered, so you can use the actual greenhouse components for reference. You can use the cill components to ensure that the door opening is unobstructed, also to ensure that you excavate in exactly the right area. It is normally possible to gain a couple of extra inches (50mm) in this way which effectively reduces the overall ridge height.

LENGTH AND WIDTH: The external wall sizes are listed alongside the price. The first dimension listed is the width and the second dimension is the length. The width refers to the sloping walls to each side. The length refers to the front wall. The sizes listed are the external wall sizes. These sizes do not include the roof overhang. Many other suppliers quote the overall roof size which is much larger.


  • Fast delivery or delay the delivery until you're ready at the same price
  • The door can be positioned in the left or right end wall and does not need to be specified when ordering the greenhouse
  • Staging
  • Freestanding shelf units
  • Downpipe kits
  • Louvred vent (can be fitted in the middle of the front wall)
  • Automatic roof vent opener
  • Automatic louvre opener
  • Base anchor kits
  • Durable plastic floor or footpath with interlocking polypropylene tiles, assembled within a few minutes
  • Water butt

GREENHOUSE ACCESSORIES - ALWAYS IN STOCK: As a specialist greenhouse supplier, established since 1981, we pride ourselves on supplying more options and accessories than other suppliers. All of our greenhouse accessories are always in stock all the time. Many accesories are only available when you buy the greenhouse and not available separately. However, we always make an exception for one of our customers - if you purchased your greenhouse from us we will always supply any accessory you need at any time, even many years afterwards.

BASE ANCHOR FIXING KITS - FOR SOIL OR CONCRETE: This kit makes it easy to fix your greenhouse down securely into concrete, paving slabs, decking or even soil. The brackets are profiled to grip the inside of the greenhouse base plinth with fixing holes on the inside. The brackets are fixed from inside the greenhouse with coach screws fixed down into the concrete, paving slabs or decking. If you want to site your greenhouse on soil you will need a concrete trench around the perimeter or smaller pockets of concrete into which the brackets can be fixed. You can fix the base plinth down with screws and wall plugs but it is much easier with our profiled brackets. Fixing the greenhouse down is recommended at all sites. The kit includes:

  • Profiled anchor brackets - shaped to grip the inside of the greenhouse base plinth, with predrilled fixing holes
  • Masonry drill bit - used to drill the correct size hole in concrete or paving slabs
  • Zinc plated coachscrews - supplied complete with washers and plugs to ensure a neat easy fit

VENTILATION: Improved ventilation increases the air circulation through the greenhouse for better growing results. Automatic openers react to heat which ensures that in hot weather the vents open in your absence and then close again when its cooler. Louvred ventilators provide a healthy air flow through the greenhouse to ensure improved growing conditions and better crops. Some plants such as alpines require more ventilation than others. If you are not yet sure which plants you are likely to grow improved ventilation will give you more versatility.

HEATERS: We offer a huge range of heaters so whatever your specific requirements we have a heater to do the job. Our electric heaters require a standard domestic 13 amp electricity supply. Our propane gas heaters require permanent trickle ventilation when in use. As an approximate guide, a 3kw heater will heat a greenhouse up to 8'x12' or provide frost protection only up to 10'x15' in normal site conditions. A 1.5kw heater will normally heat a greenhouse up to 6'x8' or provide frost protection only up to 6'x12'. Internal partitions are often used in large greenhouses to create a smaller warm room which is cheaper and easier to heat.

HEATING REQUIREMENTS: Heating requirements vary for several reasons. Location is one factor with more heating required in Scotland than in southern England and less heating required in a sheltered position. The design is also a factor. For example, dwarf walls improve the insulation and lean to greenhouses absorb warmth from the existing wall. Another factor is the materials used. Polycarbonate greenhouses retain heat better than glass and wooden greenhouses retain heat better than metal greenhouses. We recommend you to buy a bigger heater than you need - you can always turn it down.

POLYPROPYLENE FLOOR TILES: A durable polypropylene floor or footpath is an affordable alternative to slabs or concrete. Easy to install within a few minutes, these interlocking polypropylene pavers simply click together with no fixings needed. Unlike slabs or concrete these pavers are lightweight, easy to install and fully relocatable. Designed to spread weight, the finished floor is capable of supporting 36 tonnes per square metre. First the ground is levelled and then the pavers are laid directly on the soil. The pavers can also be laid on grass, sand or gravel. The finished floor or footpath is self draining and suitable for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs. It fits comfortably inside the greenhouse with a few inches to spare. The tiles are easily prised apart by folding so the floor is even quicker to remove if required.


  • FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY or delay the delivery until you are ready then YOU TELL US WHICH DAY TO DELIVER
  • We normally have this greenhouse and all accessories in stock so we can normally despatch your order immediately.
  • Please provide at least one DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER where the driver can contact you on the day of delivery if needed.
  • This greenhouse is easy to deliver if access is restricted - all packages are designed to pass through a normal single door.
  • Somebody needs to be at home to receive the goods. We do not need any help unloading, just a signature. If required we can deliver by appointment - please contact us for options.
  • This greenhouse includes packs of glass which are delivered in a heavy wooden crate. The driver can unload it quickly and easily without assistance. Often the driver can wheel the crate onto a level drive with a hard surface such as tarmac or block paving otherwise the delivery is kerbside. It is not normally possible to deliver the pack into the back garden.
  • Any glass which is broken on delivery will be replaced free of charge if we receive notification by email before midnight on the day of delivery.

TELL US WHICH DAY: You need to tell us which day to deliver so we need to hear from you. If you want fast delivery you should contact us soon after you order by phone or email or you can request delivery later.

NEXT DAY DELIVERY: Next day delivery is included throughout mainland England, Wales, southern Scotland and central Scotland. We deliver on the next working day if requested before 10.00am. For example, to request delivery on Monday just contact us before 10.00am on Friday.

DELAYED DELIVERY: You can request a delivery day weeks in advance or you can wait to choose a delivery day later. We can deliver on any weekday of your choice, just contact us before 12.00 noon on the working days before.

SCOTLAND: Next day delivery is available to all mainland addresses in DG, EH, FK, G, KA, KY, ML, PA1-19 and TD postcodes. Delivery is normally within 5 working days to any other mainland Scottish postcodes with a telephone call to confirm the day in advance.

OFFSHORE ISLANDS: Delivery is normally within 5 working days to the Isle of Wight, the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Man, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands with a telephone call to confirm the day in advance. For prices please phone 01603 721590 during normal office hours.

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NO HIDDEN DELIVERY CHARGES: The price you see is the price you pay. Our greenhouse prices include all delivery charges - unlike many others we do not add delivery charges during the checkout process. However the prices may vary in different areas. You need to enter the first half of your postcode to see the correct prices in your local area. If you have not already done so click here to enter the FIRST HALF of your POSTCODE.

COLLECTION - SAVE �35: This popular greenhouse is always in stock at our Norwich warehouse to ensure that we can offer next day delivery. Collections are welcome but by appointment only. Collections are only available on Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 4.00pm. You need to book a time slot otherwise your greenhouse may not be accessible. We normally need advance notice a day beforehand. The greenhouse frames and bases are long thin boxes up to 8' or 2.5m long. The sheets of horticultural glass are up to approximately 24"x24" (600mm x 600mm). The sheets of toughened glass are up to approximately 24"x48" (600mm x 1200mm). The 6x8 greenhouse with base and glass weighs around 170 kilogrammes. With notice we can load the pack onto a flat bed lorry or a large van with a fork lift. Alternatively, you can load the individual components into an estate or saloon car by hand. We offer a reduction of �35 including VAT for collection.


  • All greenhouse prices include VAT.

ORDER BY PHONE: You can pay with a debit or credit card. To order phone us on 01603 721590 seven days a week.

ORDER ONLINE: You can pay with a debit or credit card. We also accept password protected online payments using Verified by VISA or Mastercard SecureCode.

METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept most major credit cards and debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, VISA Delta, VISA Debit, MasterCard Debit, Electron, Solo, Switch, Maestro and UK Maestro. We also accept secure online payments using Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards at present.

SCHOOLS, COUNCILS AND BUSINESSES: We supply many schools, local councils and businesses both large and small. The prices and terms are the same so you can order online if you wish. If you want to pay by BACS transfer or company cheque you will need to order by phone.


  • Low cost installation is available in most areas
  • Low fixed rates
  • Payment on completion

THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Since we were established in 1981 we have fitted buildings for thousands of customers at unbeatable prices. Our specialist fitters have agreed to fit buildings in your area at low fixed rates in return for regular work. Payment is due on completion. To order online just add your chosen fitting option to your shopping basket before you proceed to the checkout. To order by phone just phone us 7 days a week on 01603 721590.

LOW PRICES FOR BASELAYING AND INSTALLATION: Our unique low cost installation service is available in most areas. To see the prices in your local area just enter the first half of your postcode at the top of every page or CLICK HERE. If available our installation service is offered alongside the building prices. To see the prices just click on the blue "i" symbol next to each fitter.

NO FITTERS IN YOUR AREA? If you cannot see any fitters in your area please phone us for a quotation. If you experience any other problems, for example entering your postcode or finding the fitting prices just contact us. You can phone us on 01603 721590. Lines are open 7 days a week and our expert advisers are always happy to help.

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Features and Accessories

GREENHOUSES - Automatic vent openers
Automatic vent openers
GREENHOUSES - Greenhouse base preparation and other information
Greenhouse base preparation and other information
GREENHOUSES - Special delivery options - AM or Saturday
Special delivery options - AM or Saturday
GREENHOUSES - Greenhouse Base - Eco-grid base, 150 tonnes per m2, fully paved
Special delivery options - AM or Saturday
GREENHOUSES - Greenhouse Base - Eco-paving base, 200 tonnes per m2, fully paved
Special delivery options - AM or Saturday
GREENHOUSES - Base anchors - fixing down kits
Base anchors - fixing down kits
GREENHOUSES - Hanging basket brackets and plant supports
Hanging basket brackets and plant supports
GREENHOUSES - Louvre vents
Louvre vents
GREENHOUSES - Installation tips if height is restricted
Installation tips if height is restricted
GREENHOUSES - Steel potting benches
Steel potting benches
GREENHOUSES - Seed tray frames
Seed tray frames
GREENHOUSES - High level shelving
High level shelving
GREENHOUSES - Heavy duty steel 2 tier staging
Heavy duty steel 2 tier staging
GREENHOUSES - Wooden potting tables
Wooden potting tables
GREENHOUSES - Heavy duty wooden 2 tier staging
Heavy duty wooden 2 tier staging
GREENHOUSES - Slatted staging
Slatted staging
GREENHOUSES - Thermometers and soil gauges
Thermometers and soil gauges