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Summer houses, greenhouses, garden sheds and log cabins

Summer Garden Buildings is a specialist UK supplier of garden buildings based in Norwich, Norfolk. Established in 1981, we deliver a wide range of garden buildings throughout the UK. We also install selected buildings throughout England, Scotland and Wales. In many areas we can also prepare the base for you if required. We have a retail show centre in Norwich.

Our all weather indoor show centre is located at Liberator House, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR13 6PT (pictured above). It is open 7 days a week - click here for more info

SEE THE FULL CHOICE IN YOUR LOCAL AREA . . . We deliver garden buildings throughout the UK but many of our best bargains are only available regionally. We also offer local fitting and base laying. CLICK HERE to enter the FIRST HALF of your postcode e.g. AB12.

You can see a small selection of featured buildings below. To see the full range please select from the menu options on the left.


Aluminium Greenhouse 01 - Green with Polycarbonate

one size, 6'x8' from 259, with base plinth 299

This incredible value greenhouse is 6'4"x8'5" and features green finish aluminium with twin wall polycarbonate safety glazing. The door is in the 6'4" wide wall. A free roof vent...      ...more info

Aluminium Greenhouse 05 - Green

3 sizes, 6'x4' 279, 6'x6' 319, 6'x8' 359

This unbeatable value greenhouse is approximately 6'x4', 6'x6' or 6'x8' with incredible prices for green finish with glass. There is a choice of horticultural glass or toughened...      ...more info

Wooden Greenhouse 154 - Built In Shed, Toughened Glass

one size, 6'x10' 1476

Size 6'x10' overall with a 6'x6' greenhouse and a 6'x4' shed. This superb greenhouse includes toughened glass and shiplap cladding as standard. Luxury shed features include 2"x2" framing, a key locking rim lock and a free opening window. A ...      ...more info

Large Aluminium Orangery 56 - Valley Roof, Black Finish

one size, 10'x12' 2999

Overall size 10'4"x12'6" including the front projection. The size excluding the front projection is 8'6"x12'6". These premium quality greenhouses feature a decorative valley roof...      ...more info

Our range of greenhouses includes aluminium greenhouses with mill finish or green powder coated frames and wooden greenhouses in cedar and pressure treated timber. Glazing options include horticultural glass, toughened safety glass and polycarbonate. Some of our polycarbonate greenhouses are available from stock with free next day delivery included.

Sizes vary from small growhouses and cold frames up to large 12' wide greenhouses. The range includes hexagonal and octagonal greenhouses and hipped roof greenhouses. Some of our apex roof greenhouses are available with dwarf walls.

We supply a full range of greenhouse accessories including a wide range of greenhouse staging and shelving and additional ventilation with automatic vent openers and louvre vents available. Other accessories include greenhouse insulation, automatic irrigation systems, electric heaters and gas heaters. We provide a professional greenhouse installation service at affordable prices, with a network of greenhouse fitters throughout the UK.


Apex Shed 063 - Shiplap, T and G Floor and Roof

12 sizes eg 4'x6' 259, eg 6'x8' 332, eg 8'x10' 612

Sizes from 4'x4' to 8'x12'. These high quality shiplap sheds are traditionally made with large rigid panels and a factory fitted door, unlike other budget priced sheds. Other...      ...more info

Security Apex Shed 621 - Side Double Door, Extra Tall

8 sizes eg 6'x8' 879, eg 8'x10' 1260, eg 8'x16' 1744

Sizes from 6'x8' to 8'x16'. These quality sheds are packed with extra security features including security windows and additional framing for extra strength. Fully framed double doors are included with internally bolted hinges and a pad...      ...more info

Thermowood Potting Shed 243 - Part Glazed Roof

8 sizes, eg 9'x8' 2221, eg 9'x10' 2501

Size from 8'9"x6'4" to 8'9"x20'10". These excellent quality potting sheds feature a full length staging under the windows and two full length shelves on the opposite wall. All timber has been thermally modified, a lifetime preservative...      ...more info

Our range of garden sheds vary in size from small store sheds to large workshops. Our apex roof sheds vary from basic storage sheds to heavy duty workshops and also include attractive cabin style transverse apex sheds Other designs include pent roof sheds and corner sheds. We also supply potting sheds with staging and large front windows and security sheds with small windows and extra security features.

Most of our garden sheds include tongued and grooved interlocking shiplap cladding. Some of our best quality sheds feature cedar cladding or pressure treated timber. The range includes sheds with double doors and sheds with joinery doors. Our cedar sheds and pressure treated timber sheds last longer than other sheds even if untreated. We supply a choice of fully installed sheds and DIY sheds to suit any budget. We install shed bases in many areas and we also supply a range of DIY shed base kits.


Georgian Apex Summerhouse 150 - Shiplap, Single Door

3 sizes, 8'x7' 1233, 10'x7' 1462, 12'x7' 1680

Sizes 8'x7', 10'x7' or 12'x7'. These excellent quality summerhouses include attractive Georgian style glazing and a joinery door with black antique ironmongery. Features include...      ...more info

Corner Summerhouse 91 - Double Door, Window Boxes

5 sizes, eg 7'x7' from 1764, eg 10'x10' from 2506

Sizes from 6'x6' to 12'x12'. These superb quality high specification corner summerhouses feature a choice of deal or cedar cladding. Quality features include joinery doors and...      ...more info

Octagonal Summerhouse 633 - Cedar, Painted

one size, 6'x6' cedar 5264

Size 6'x6'. These top of the range, high quality octagonal summerhouses feature cedar cladding with a free coloured paint treatment inside and outside. Other quality features include a cedar shingle roof, internal lining, and toughened...      ...more info

Our range of summerhouses includes a choice of fully installed summerhouses and DIY summerhouses at affordable prices. Our apex roof summerhouses range from budget prices up to the highest quality. Many of our apex summerhouses include a verandah as an option. Other rectangular designs include hipped roof summerhouses and pent roof summerhouses with a lower profile. More elaborate designs include our hexagonal and octagonal summerhouses plus a wide range of corner summerhouses which are designed to fit neatly in a corner location.

All of our summerhouses include tongued and grooved interlocking shiplap cladding. We supply high quality cedar summerhouses and durable pressure treated summerhouses. Another popular range is our painted summerhouses. With a choice of glazing styles, our Georgian summerhouses feature small panes of glass and our leaded summerhouses feature square or diamond leaded glass.

We also supply double glazed summerhouses and garden offices with leaded or Georgian glazing. Our garden offices are much more than just a home office. These multi purpose garden rooms are designed for a multitude of uses all year round. Many of our double glazed summerhouses and garden offices are fully lined with floor insulation, roof insulation and fully insulated walls. We install our garden offices throughout the UK and most are installed free. We also install bases for garden offices in many areas.


Double Door Corner Log Cabin 259 - Felt Tiles

2 sizes, 12'x12' 4469, 14'x14' 5202

Size 12'x12' or 14'x14'. These luxury corner summerhouses feature 45mm thick wall logs, double glazing and decorative felt tiles. Quality features include double doors, a heavy duty timber floor and Georgian glazing. Other quality features...      ...more info

Two Room Pent Roof Log Cabin 528 - Double Glazed

2 sizes, 12'x18' 3949, 13'x19' 4349

Sizes 3.6x5.4m or 3.8x5.9m. 45mm thick wall logs. Made in Scandinavia, these high quality log cabins feature double glazing as standard, superb quality joinery and high grades of...      ...more info

Hipped Roof Folding Door Log Cabin 308 - Bespoke

3 sizes, eg 8'x8' from 2131, eg 8'x10' from 2576

Size 8'x6', 8'x8' or 8'x10'. These luxury hipped roof summerhouses feature double glazed 3 pane folding doors and a choice of 28mm or 45mm thick wall logs. Other quality features include decorative felt tiles, a heavy duty timber floor and...      ...more info

Our range of log cabins is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. The range includes log thicknesses of 19mm or 22mm for use as a garden room in the summer. The heavy duty 45mm and 70mmm log cabins feature thicker logs which are more suitable for year round use. The apex roof is the most popular log cabin design. We offer apex log cabins with and without a verandah. The smallest apex log cabins are less than 2.7m wide and the largest over 4.2m wide. Other rectangular designs include pent roof and hipped roof log cabins.

More elaborate designs include hexagonal and octagonal log cabins and corner log cabins. We also supply made to measure log cabins and double glazed log cabins with optional floor and roof insulation to provide maximum comfort in all weather. We provide a professional log cabin installation service at affordable prices, with a network of log cabin fitters throughout the UK.


Two Storey Verandah Playhouse 43 - Upstairs at the Front

2 sizes, 8'x8' 1205, 8'x10' 1425

Sizes 8'x8' or 8'x10' overall. These excellent quality playhouses include a 3' deep verandah and deal shiplap cladding as standard. Quality features include a single hinged an...      ...more info

Two Storey Playhouse 41 - Upstairs to one Side

2 sizes, 7'x5' 765, 7'x7' 924

Sizes 7'x5' or 7'x7'. These excellent quality playhouses feature deal shiplap cladding and an integral loft with balustrade, ladder and safety rail. Other quality features include...      ...more info

Childrens Playhouse 217 - Shiplap

one size, 6'x6' 404

Size 6'x6'. This budget priced children's playhouse features a distinctive Dutch barn style roof and five Georgian style windows with safety glazing. Decorative shutters are...      ...more info

Our range of childrens playhouses vary in size from 4' wide playhouses up to 10' wide playhouses. Favourites with the kids are two storey playhouses with a loft area inside and platform playhouses with a raised platform. The most popular apex roof playhouses are the 6' and 8' wide playhouses with and without verandah. All of our playhouses include tongued and grooved interlocking shiplap cladding. Safety features include perspex safety glazing and doors with large gaps to prevent a child's fingers from being trapped. We supply a choice of fully installed playhouses and DIY playhouses to suit any budget.


Wooden Gazebo 334 - Lean To, EPDM Rubber Roof

18 sizes eg 8'x10' 1403, eg 10'x15' 2065

This deluxe wooden gazebo is available up to approximately 34' (10.5m) long with a projection from the host wall of up to 13' (4.0m). It features substantial 5"x5" posts...      ...more info

Wooden Gazebo 241 - Octagonal Log Cabin, 28mm Logs

one size, 8'x8' from 2007

These octagonal wooden gazebos are approximately 8'x8' with 28mm thick wall logs, heavy duty timber floor and decorative frame arches. Options include a choice of felt tiles or a thatched roof. You can choose the standard layout with one...      ...more info

Wooden Gazebo 274 - Pent Roof

one size, 13'x18' 1475

This heavy duty wooden gazebo is 12'6"x17'7" with a roof size of 13'9"x18'11" overall. The low profile pent roof features 18mm thick tongued and grooved timber roof boards and six...      ...more info

Our gazebos are often used as hot tub covers and smoking shelters or as a shady retreat or an attractive feature in the garden. Our wooden gazebo range includes cedar gazebos and pressure treated timber gazebos for durability. The wooden designs include corner gazebos, ornate hexagonal and octagonal gazebos and hipped roof rectangular gazebos. The range includes gazebos with felt tiles and gazebos with a slatted roof to suit any garden. Many of our maintenance free gazebos are always in stock and the prices include free next day delivery.


For expert advice about any of our garden rooms you can phone us free 7 days a week on 0800 9777 828. Lines are open on Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 5.30pm and on Sunday from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

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